Will A Lift Void My Jeep Warranty? Here’s What You Should Know

In many cases, adding a lift kit to a vehicle will void certain parts of the factory warranty. Jeeps are made for off-roading and often are fitted with lift kits to have more ground clearance. Many people even have the opinion that Jeeps look weird without lift kits. Jeeps are different from most vehicles because they are specifically designed for off-roading so it is expected that most of them will get lift kits. Voiding a warranty is never what you want because that eliminates a lot of protection you may have against damages. 

Will a lift void my Jeep warranty? Installing an aftermarket lift on a Jeep will not void the factory warranty. For a claim or warranty to be denied on a Jeep, a dealership must be able to prove that the lift itself caused damage or was in some way responsible for damage caused to the vehicle. Many times it is up to the dealer’s discretion. 

Once a factory warranty is fully voided there is no getting it back. Warranties can be super helpful and save you a lot of money if something in your Jeep ends up breaking. Voiding your Jeep’s warranty means that from that point all repairs are going to come directly out of your pocket. 

This can be a scary situation especially if something like the engine or transmission gives out because those are expensive repairs. Luckily, simply installing a lift on your Jeep isn’t going to void your warranty but you are always going to want to make sure to read the fine print regarding that. 

How Installing A Lift Affects A Jeep’s Warranty

Different dealerships are going to have different warranties with different sets of regulations. Most dealerships have the same general rules for Jeeps but you are going to want to make sure that you aren’t going to do something that will void your warranty. 

It is always best to ask your dealership before proceeding with any type of modification that could affect your Jeep’s warranty. However, for the most part, installing aftermarket parts, that is to say, any items that aren’t original to how the dealership sold the Jeep, should not void a warranty. Lift kits fall under this category.

Installing a lift kit can void the warranty on a vehicle if it is installed incorrectly and damages major systems of the vehicle like the chassis or drivetrain. Some dealerships are more strict with what type of lift you can add to their vehicles. Since Jeeps are designed as off-roading vehicles, they are usually equipped with lift kits to add extra clearance so the underside of the vehicle doesn’t get scraped up. Because of this, dealerships have given more leeway to Jeeps. There are still some stipulations concerning lift kits to be aware of.

First and foremost, if a lift is installed incorrectly, the dealership can void a warranty on specific parts, but generally not the entire vehicle. If a dealership can claim that an aftermarket part has damaged or affected the integrity of the entire car they can void the full warranty. 

If you install a lift kit incorrectly and it isn’t up to dealer standards then the warranty can be voided for things like ball joints, control arms, wheel bearings, etc. The safest bet for having a lift kit installed correctly is to take it back to the dealership. When you do this the dealership can’t claim that it was installed incorrectly. 

The other situation in which a warranty can be voided is if the lift kit is responsible for damage to the Jeep. This means that if you are off-roading and a lift kit causes an adjacent bearing or attachment to pop and break then the warranty will not cover it and it could be voided. Any damage to the vehicle that can be in some way tied back to the lift kit is not going to be covered by the warranty. Most warranties only cover factory defects so damage from anything else is not covered. 

How To Avoid Getting Factory Warranty Voided After Installing A Lift

First and foremost, your Jeep’s factory warranty can’t be voided if nothing gets broken so the best thing you can do is drive carefully and not break anything. If your car doesn’t get damaged at all then you have no reason to worry about your warranty getting voided. Staying off of particularly dangerous or difficult trails is also going to help. After you are done off-roading make sure you clean up your car and perform routine maintenance. 

Showing the manufacturer that you perform routine maintenance on your vehicle is a great way of staying out of trouble. If you are doing your part to take care of your vehicle then it doesn’t make a lot of sense that something would break because of the way you are treating your car. Routine maintenance is going to include things like oil changes, brake checks, and diagnostics tests. Even though these types of maintenance don’t affect a lift directly they are going to help show that you are taking care of your vehicle.

Regularly examine your lift kit and make sure that nothing has come loose. Once you have a lift installed, it is always a good idea to have your tires aligned. Installing a lift kit will throw tires out of alignment, and if the alignment isn’t corrected it could wear out tires unevenly and possibly cause bigger problems. Also, check all of the parts to which the lifts are connected to make sure they are in good working order and haven’t come loose. You want to eliminate any reason that damage could be connected to a lift. 

Going along with having a lift installed correctly and well-maintained is a good suspension system. The suspension system is only as good as its weakest link, so make sure all suspension components have been examined when installing a lift kit.  Replace cheaper items like ball joints and bearings when installing a lift on an older vehicle if you can, this will save you time and money down the road.

As I mentioned previously, having the dealership install a lift is going to greatly increase your chances of not having a factory warranty voided. Dealerships know the best way to install a lift on their vehicles. Dealerships are experts at working on their vehicles. When you have a dealership install a lift themselves they can’t claim that the lift was installed incorrectly and therefore can’t void your warranty for that reason. Doing this takes a lot of the liability off of you. 

What To Do If A Lift Kit Has Voided Your Jeep Warrant

If your warranty has been voided, then there are a few things you can try. Once your warranty has been voided this means that all damages done to your vehicle are going to have to be covered by you. Repairs can get expensive quickly and end up hurting you if you don’t have some way of helping cover costs and repairs. There is a good chance something might fail in your vehicle due to a defect but you are not going to be able to get it covered by the warranty.

In the case that you think your warranty was voided for a reason that isn’t valid, you should speak with several other dealerships in the area before pursuing any legal action. One of the other dealers may take your side and fix your vehicle for you.  

The harder and more expensive option is to get a lawyer. The problem with this is that lawyers are expensive and usually end up costing you more time and money than what it is worth. If a manufacturer has voided your warranty then they probably have substantial evidence to do so. This doesn’t mean that you can’t win and get your warranty reinstated. Some people have done it so it is possible if you feel that you have a good enough argument. 

Your other option is to get insured. Some insurances cover off-road vehicles and will even cover certain damages from off-roading. This is also going to be more expensive than regular insurance, it will be even more expensive if they see that your car’s warranty was voided.

 Insurance might end up being cheaper in the long run if your vehicle gets heavily damaged. Accidents happen while off-roading. Things like cars rolling and engines giving out can be very expensive so having insurance can be worth it, especially if your warranty has been voided. 

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