Why Are Fast Chargers So Expensive?

As an electric car owner, knowing how you are going to charge your car is a common situation. You have the options of so many places to charge, but which one will be better for your time? Arguably, fast chargers are the best choice if you need your car charged quickly.

But why are fast chargers so expensive? The reason fast-chargers are so expensive is that fast-charging stations are one of the newest models of technology for electric cars. Equipment for fast chargers is quite expensive, so owners of the stations need to charge more in order to make their money back. The price will go down over time as parts for the charger become less expensive.

There are so many aspects and questions that relate to fast chargers and your electric car. Are fast chargers actually worth their price? This article will cover the many different questions that owners ask about their electric cars and teach you about alternative options if a fast charger is not available in your area.

Why Are Fast Chargers So Expensive?

As stated above, fast chargers are a very new technology and it needs certain parts that are not very common. Just like an electric car battery, the parts for a fast charger are very expensive. This means that the owner of the fast-charging stations needs to make back his losses, so it will cost more for charging your car. Even though some of these prices are high right now, they will eventually decrease in the future as equipment becomes cheaper.

So, what are the actual costs for a fast-charging station? Every charging station has different prices, so the answers may vary. A fast charger can cost anywhere from around $3.00-$7.00 for a 100-mile charge. This may not seem expensive to new electric car users, and it’s not, especially compared to the cost of gasoline. But there are cheaper stations out there. The only downside to them is that it does take much longer to reach a full charge compared to a fast-charging station.

If you use fast chargers frequently, it may take longer for the electric car to pay itself off, but the fast chargers are very efficient. They are very useful when you need a fast charge on long trips. Even though they are useful, there are many other ways to charge your car. If you are only using your electric car for commuting, charging with outlets at home may be better for your wallet.

Does Fast Charging Hurt Your Battery?

Owners of electric cars have worried about certain myths pertaining to electric cars. These myths include not being able to get into your car while it’s charging, that electric cars are worse for the environment, and that fast charging damages your battery over time. Myths about electric cars are very common, especially because it is some of the newest technology in our day and age.

All of these myths are, in fact, not true. You can sit in your car while it charges, electric cars are much better for the environment, and fast-charging is safe for your car. It does not damage your battery life, even in the long run. If this was the case, all charges would be bad for your car. You should still try to keep your car’s battery between 20%-80% in order to preserve battery life, but charging it to 100% occasionally won’t do any damage to the battery. 

Why Would You Need To Fast Charge Your Car?

Fast-charging your car does not have to be the only way that you charge your EV. But sometimes, you might be in a pinch, and you need a hundred more miles to get to your destination, but you don’t have the time. Fast chargers are the best in this situation because it takes less than an hour to fill the battery up to 80%. They are very efficient and can help to lessen your stress about having enough charge to get to the next destination.

You might also need a fast charger in a number of other situations. For instance, you forgot to charge your car overnight, and need to get to work, but you don’t have enough charge to get all the way there. A fast charger will give you enough mileage to get to the office and back. You also might be on a road trip and need to get to an important event on time. This is the perfect situation for a fast charger. That is their main purpose.

Fast chargers are meant to get you out of a tight situation, for a little higher price. As we previously talked about, this “higher” price isn’t much, compared to a full tank of gas. The only problem with fast chargers is that there are not many fast stations around the US. Only in select places. This is just one thing to think about when you are traveling, so you might want to mark off the charging stations on your road trip map in case you don’t have enough charge to make it all the way to your destination.

This relatively new technology, but has already proved to be extremely useful. More of these fast-charging stations are being constructed around the US. In the UK, fast-charging stations have already been implemented, as they have around 6 stations per person. Much can be said about Scotland because they have 10 fast-charging stations per person. They have proven to be valuable to the percentage of the population that own an electric car, that is why they are being implemented all over. If they weren’t useful, or if they damaged your car, they would not be used around the world.

Can You Install A Fast Charger Your House?

There are many electric car chargers that you can install right in your home, but having a fast charger is not a choice. Fast chargers are considered a level 3 charging option. The equipment for a level 3 charger is very expensive and tricky to install. Having this equipment raises the prices for a regular battery charge. This means it would be much too expensive for a regular homeowner to install one in their home. But there are many other options.

You can install other types of chargers in your home, or you could use the regular outlets. Each is an effective way to charge your car. The only downside is that it does take much longer to charge your car with a regular 110v outlet (the most common ones found in homes) than with a fast charger. But if you plug in your car for an overnight charge, it is a valuable option instead of spending a lot of money for an actual electric car charger.

Another type of charger that you can install, instead of a fast-charger, is a 240v charging station. This is the type of outlet that you would plug your dryer into. They charge fast, not as fast as the fast chargers, but they do not need all night to charge.


Fast charging is only one of the many options available to you when it comes to charging your EV. Other options may be better suited for your needs, but fast chargers are always great when you are in need of a fast charge. They provide a fast and efficient charge, which is only a few dollars extra. The price is still infinitely better than the cost of a full tank of gas, and the car will still pay itself off, even if you use fast charging often. This is why fast chargers are starting to be implemented around the world because they are very useful when it comes to charging your battery efficiently.

Electric cars have a variety of other ways that they can be charged. Those options may be better suited for you and much cheaper compared to fast charging your car. Fast chargers are expensive because they have equipment that is very expensive to install. They may become cheaper in the future as level 3 charging equipment becomes more affordable to a regular buyer, and they could probably be installed into homes.

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