Who Sells The Most Electric Cars?

Lots of new competition has been entering the electric vehicle market every single year. Companies like Ford, Chevrolet, and many other big brands have started to create their own electric vehicles to compete with companies that have already established themselves in the electric vehicle category. As different electric vehicles get released, the tide continuously shifts on what the best electric vehicles are and which electric vehicle sells the most. It is important to know who leads the market because they are generally considered to have the best all-around product, meaning it has a price people are willing to pay, while also being able to handle all of the tasks that someone needs it to accomplish everyday tasks.

Who sells the most electric cars? Currently, Tesla has sold the most electric cars with about 500,000 units sold throughout the years. Volkswagen comes in second behind Tesla with the most cars sold. Tesla is expected to produce the most electric cars in the near future since it has gotten a head start in establishment compared to other companies.

In recent years, bigger car companies have also started to release more electric vehicles and this may cause a shift in what company sells the most electric vehicles. However, with many different companies switching to electric, they will have a lot more competition for this seat, and depending on how they play their cards and how the competitors choose to play their cards, this seat may easily be taken.

What Company Sells The Most Electric Vehicles?

As of some statistics from 2021 and earlier years, one company takes the crown when it comes to the most vehicles sold. Tesla beat out the competition by almost double as it sold about 500,000 units from its different selection of electric vehicles. Tesla has made itself a very well-known company throughout the years and is at the forefront of the electric vehicle wave that has come over the world. Volkswagen came in second but paled in comparison to Tesla who sold almost double the cars that Volkswagen did.

One car, in particular, made up a huge percentage of the overall sales from Tesla. The Tesla Model 3 was Tesla’s biggest seller with about 365,000 units sold, about three-fourths of Tesla’s total cars sold were from one car. This attests to this car’s popularity and usefulness, and the Tesla Model 3 is still one of the most popular electric cars on the market to this day. It will be interesting to see how long this vehicle will hold this spot and if another company will be able to overtake Tesla eventually.

How Many Electric Vehicles Sales Are There vs. Conventional Vehicles?

Nearly every day, you can see an electric vehicle somewhere on the road, depending on where you live. However, they are not nearly as common as gasoline cars. Electric vehicles only account for about 3% of vehicles sold in 2021. This number has been increasing steadily the past few years but is still nowhere near the sales that conventional vehicles are still receiving. By 2025 around 10% of car sales are expected to be electric vehicles.

Of course, gasoline vehicles and diesel vehicles will be more common if we look at total sales just because they have been around much longer. Around 434,879 electric vehicles were sold in 2021, for conventional vehicles in 2021 slightly more than 15 million vehicles were sold.

There is still a huge gap in how many electric cars and how many conventional cars are sold, and this gap is expected to close but may take a little while to do so. It does seem that many large companies are also decreasing the production of gasoline and diesel cars and switching to electric, which may significantly decrease the gap in sales in the upcoming years.

Both 2020 and 2021 were difficult years for car sales. Car sales reached new lows as a combination of many different challenges plagued the world. Issues in manufacturing, supply chain, and a pandemic made it so these years were some of the lowest car sale years in a long time, yet car prices stayed extremely high because of the lack of supply.

Even now companies are struggling to produce most vehicles but many still plan to put out new models and vehicles, especially electric vehicles. And because of supply chain issues right now, car prices (electric vehicles and gasoline-powered vehicles) are the highest they have ever been.

What Upcoming Electric Vehicles Could Soon Become The Best Selling?

Many different companies such as BMW, Ford, Hummer, Kia, Hyundai, and even Cadillac are releasing electric vehicles in 2022. Every single one of these companies and their vehicles are all unique in some aspects and are blazing their way into a world full of electric vehicles. Even depending on what type of vehicle you like can make a huge difference in what electric car you like, as a huge variety of shapes and styles along with technology and features are being released with these cars.

It is almost impossible to say which ones will do the best. You could say the most cost-effective vehicle could be the best selling because of its price, or maybe it could be the vehicle with the most range because of its battery power. Simply put, so many choices are becoming available in the electric car market in the upcoming years, and depending on how people react to the new additions could completely shift the market onto a few specific vehicles or spread out all of the sales.

Too many electric vehicles are being released to even try to cover them all. One, in particular, does seem to have a little bit of an edge over the rest of the competition. The Ford Lightning plans to be released in 2022 and is one of the electric vehicles that I am looking forward to seeing the most.

Why I think it could become the best selling is that Ford’s pickup trucks sold around 726,004 units in 2021, making it one of the best-selling vehicles of that year. Now I understand that there is a difference between electric and gas vehicles and this could prove to be an obstacle this truck is unable to hurdle, but with all of the amazing features and great technology, I am hoping this is one truck that will be around for a while. 

Another vehicle to watch for would be the Rivian R1S. I particularly like this Electric Vehicle because of its long battery range, about 316 miles, which I believe to be a very important part of electric vehicles, especially if they are going to be expected to perform similarly to gas vehicles.

Another vehicle that we can be on the lookout for would be the BMW iX xDrive50. This vehicle has all-around good statistics but currently is a little bit on the expensive side. As I said before there are simply too many to even name and so many cars to be excited for, so almost anyone from any walk of life could find an electric vehicle that fits their individual needs.

What Countries Sell The Most Electric Cars?

Some countries have really started to accept electric cars as the way of the future much quicker than other countries, one of these countries being Norway. Norway sells about 80,000 electric vehicles every year, which is nearly 261% more than any other country. Currently, European countries topmost of the list and have a considerable lead on many other countries.

America is currently floating slightly above the number 10 spot as only about 3% of vehicles that were sold in the US were electric vehicles. Many of the companies that are in the top ten have really been working on creating infrastructure as well to support electric vehicles so their percentages can increase.

These countries, although purchasing a large number of electric cars, are not producing most of them. China currently is one of the largest producers of electric cars which are in turn sold and used all over the world. China itself has really grown its use of electric cars in the past few years but still produces a huge amount of electric vehicles while still being much below Norway and a little above America. As the market for these vehicles continues to grow, so does the need for production and China has taken a hold of that need.

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