Tesla Model 3 Price: Cost Breakdown & Dealer Options

Tesla’s are growing in popularity and taking the electric car market by storm. Tesla’s Model 3 is Tesla’s effort to provide a more affordable, household electric vehicle that doesn’t get sacrificed on range or performance. The Tesla Model 3 was first released by Tesla in 2017 and has been on the market ever since. Historically, electric cars have been pretty pricey, Teslas in particular.

Tesla Model 3 cost breakdown and dealer options can be confused online, so here it is, put simply. The Tesla Model 3 costs $40,690. This is the standard rear-wheel drive trim level and 2 other trims levels available that are both more expensive. Other add-ons include exterior paint colors, interior and finish options, and a self-drive mode.

The Tesla Model 3 base model was $35,000 when it was first released in 2017. The base model price of the 2022 Tesla Model 3 has increased from this price but there are also improvements and changes that have been made to the Model 3. There are many options available that can impact the exact price of your Tesla Model 3, and in this article, we will go more into depth with these options.  

What Is The Base Price?

The base price for the Tesla Model 3 on Tesla’s website is $40,690. This base price is attached to what they call the Rear-wheel drive model. This base price gives you the car with an option between white and midnight gray paint for the exterior. Standard eighteen-inch Aero wheels also come standard with the vehicle as well as a completely black interior. All base features, which consist of Bluetooth, navigation, and USB ports are included. 

The base model also comes with an impressive collection of standard features including a range of 272 miles. There is also an extensive safety system that is included. Cameras offer a 360-degree view for the car, and this 360-degree view allows the car to stop collisions with any vehicles or objects that may be in a blind spot. The car can also see up to 250 meters in front of the vehicle to allow the vehicle to effectively help regulate speed and braking for upcoming traffic.  

Price For Different Trim/Battery Levels

Two other trim levels are offered with the Tesla Model 3. Both of the trims above the trim include a dual-motor all-wheel drive system. The Long Range trim level comes with a larger battery to provide a longer range and costs $6,000 more than the base model for a total of $46,690. The Performance trim level comes with multiple upgrades that will provide for greater acceleration and performance overall, this trim level starts at $54,690.

The Long Range trim level comes with an extra-large battery that provides a very impressive estimated range for the car. With optimal conditions and a full battery, the Model 3 with a Long Range package should get you an estimated 358 miles. That type of range is incredibly impressive and is beating out the range of almost any other electric car on the market. 

The Long Range trim level also comes with more power and speed provided by its dual motors. The dual motors allow this trim level to accelerate from 0 to 60 in 4.2 seconds according to Tesla. 5 mph is also added to the top speed of this model for a final top speed of 145 mph. However, driving at very high speeds for extended periods of time will decrease the overall range. This model also comes with all of the basic interior and safety features. 

Tesla doesn’t hold back with the Performance trim level. Though the Performance model is over $10,000 more expensive than the basic trim level, it does come with a lot of added high-performance features. Acceleration is improved even more with this model, getting all of the way down to 3.1 seconds. The top speed is also increased by a decent amount with this model having the ability to reach 162 mph. 

Optional Dealer Accessories Or Add-ons And Their Costs

In addition to the three different trim levels that Tesla offers, there are other accessories and add-ons that you can choose to have in your vehicle. These options are available to see on Tesla’s website and can be selected when you go to buy the car. Paint color, tire size, rims, and even software features are all things you can choose from when going to buy your vehicle.

Tesla has five different colors to choose from for the exterior paint of the Model 3. Two of these five colors are free options which are white and midnight gray. The three other colors include blue, solid black, and a multi-coat red. If you want the blue, which Tesla calls “Deep Blue Metallic”, it is an extra $1,000. The solid black is a little more expensive at $1,500. The red is the most expensive option and will add an extra $2,000 to the final cost of your car. 

Currently, Tesla only has two different options for wheels. The stock option is the 18 inch aero wheels and then there is also a sport wheel. These sport wheels are an option for anyone that is looking for more high performance options and adds more grip. The sport wheel is a 19 inch wheel and will actually decrease the range of your vehicle by 20 miles or so. You have to trade some of your range for more grip if you replace the 18 inch wheels, so in the end, you just have to decide what is more important for you. To have the sport wheels instead of the standard aero wheels costs $1,500. 

Interior is another thing that is available to change. All of the seats and a lot of the interior is made from vegan leather that is sustainable, yet durable and stain resistant. The base option for the interior is an all black interior but there is also an option for black and white. The black and white option adds an aesthetic contrast from just a solid black interior. However choosing the black and white option is also another $1,000. 

A very state-of-the-art option that is available with the Model 3 is full self-driving capability. This feature is very unique and is kind of the first time that this is offered in a vehicle. This feature allows the Model 3 to completely navigate on autopilot, do automatic lane changes, self park, and even stop at stop lights and stop signs. The self driving computer can essentially allow the Model 3 to drive completely on its own. 

Tesla warns though that even though this option includes autopilot and allows the car to drive on its own, this should not eliminate the need for someone paying attention to the road in the drivers seat. Tesla warns that this feature doesn’t make the Model 3 completely autonomous and that drivers should still be aware of their surrounding and other cars on the road. This features doesn’t come standard with the car even though many advanced safety features do. Having a Model 3 with this capability will cost $12,000 in addition to the trim level price. 

How Often Does The Price Increase?

The price of the Model 3 has increased almost every year since it has been released. The exception to this is the second year it was out, the 2018 Model 3. The Model 3 started around $36,000 when it was first released in 2017 but in 2018 it jumped all the way up to almost $47,000. After 2018, the prices dropped back down to just above $36,000 and then have been steadily increasing each year until it reached its current price. The price can also fluctuate as the market for electric cars becomes more popular. 

Price Of New vs Used Model 3

Teslas, unlike most electric cars, actually hold their value fairly well. The rate of decrease in their value is very near that of a conventional car. Tesla Model 3s are even better than that. Tesla Model 3s is arguably the most sought after electric car. Due to this Model 3s almost hold their original value over the first three years. This is consistent with all trim levels as well.

A Tesla Model 3 may drop in value by a few thousands dollars depending on the miles on the car, but for the most part, it won’t be a dramatic drop. This trend is unusual for almost all cars but due to the high demand of Model 3s, they have the ability to hold their value. 

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