Tesla Model 3 Interior: Everything You Need To Know

Tesla Model 3 interiors offer a luxurious feel with a simple but stylish look. The interior of a car is where you are actually going to be spending all of your time and is what you are going to be looking at most of the time so it can be pretty important that you can enjoy it. If the interior of a vehicle is bad looking or uncomfortable then you are not going to enjoy driving your vehicle no matter what it might looks like on the outside.

The Tesla Model 3 interior is upholstered with vegan leather and is offered in black or white for a clean look. The dashboard features a single 15-inch display screen from which you control all of the car’s features including climate control, audio, and navigation. The Tesla Model 3 also has an all-glass roof that allows you to see above the car entirely. 

Tesla has designed the interior of the Model 3 to look and feel a lot like a luxury car without being incredibly extravagant. Traditional car interior styles and layouts were kept in the Model 3 while still offering a fresh look. Tesla offers a comfortable and functional interior with high-quality materials. We will take a special and close-up look at what really makes up the interior. 

Quality Compared To Other Vehicles In Its Price Range

The Tesla Model 3 is definitely more expensive than your average 5 seat sedan but you do have to take into account that not only is it a top of the line electric car but it also comes with a very nice interior. With the style and the quality of the interior, I am actually surprised that the Model 3 isn’t more expensive than it currently is. 

Other vehicles in the same price range as the Tesla Model 3 include the Ford Mach-E, BMW i4, and the Kia EV6. There are many others but these are some of the more popular electric vehicles around the same price range. In comparison, I would say that most of these cars have all really high quality, nice interiors. There are definite differences between the styles and design, however. 

The Ford Mach-E has an interior layout and design that is almost identical to the layout and design of the Model 3 interior. Two other electric cars that have very similar interiors to the Model 3 are the Rivian R1T and the Rivian R1S. For all of these vehicles, the interior is very clean and simple with not a lot of decorative embellishments. The interiors all feature one solid color that makes of most the finish and upholstery. In the center of the dashboard for all of these vehicles is a large screen that has replaced all the buttons and nobs that you usually find on car dashboards. 

The BMW i4 closely resembles the look of traditional car interiors and especially BMW interiors. There are different colors of leather that you can choose for the upholstery and the other finishes in the car are mostly black with limited options but there are a lot of silver accents on the interior of the doors and the dashboard of the car. The interior is very nice but nothing that makes it stand out from the Model 3 interior necessarily. 

The Kia EV6 offers an interior that is also very nice and definitely gives a more futuristic feel. The Model 3 has its main central scream but the Kia EV6 has a screen that takes up almost half of the dashboard extending from the driver’s side to about the center of the dashboard. Technically it is two different screens but there is a very small break in the screens and it almost looks like one continuous screen. 

All of these vehicles and other vehicles in the same price range have very nice interiors with high quality materials. These vehicles I mentioned including the Model 3 are electric cars that are a little more expensive than a very basic electric car and this is one of the reasons why these vehicles have fairly nice interiors. Cheaper electric vehicles like the Chevy Bolt or the Nissan Leaf are still going to have nice enough interiors but they won’t be as luxurious as the Model 3 or these other cars mentioned. 


As mentioned multiple times the Model 3 features a 15 inch screen in the middle of the dashboard. This screen isn’t just for looks or climate control but also includes the controls and access to a great infotainment system. The screen allows you to control music, features navigation, connects to your phone, and even watch movies. The sound system is also very impressive featuring 13 different speakers, 1 subwoofer, and 2 amps that can be found throughout the car. 

All of these speakers allow the car to have full surround sound. Whether you are listening to music or enjoying a movie you will be able to enjoy high quality sound thanks to these speakers. Your devices can hook up to the car and to this sound system through Bluetooth which will allow you to play all your favorite music from whatever service you listen to music with. There is also a USB-A port in the glove box of the car that also allows you to connect to the 128 GB of storage that are included with the car. 

The Tesla Model 3 comes with a 360 degree view thanks to cameras placed all around the car. The views from these different cameras can be pulled up on the central display screen to help see blind spots. These cameras and sensors are also what offers such great safety features and allows the Model 3 to have an autopilot feature, though this feature costs quite a bit extra than the standard model. Even without the autopilot feature the cameras help with many safety features and will help prevent you from hitting objects or vehicles in blind spots and warn you about getting to close to barriers or objects. 

Is It Large Enough/ Comfortable Enough To Travel With A Family?

The Model 3 is a spacious sedan that has 5 seats which is enough to fit most families. The rear seats aren’t nearly as cramped as most rear seats in sedans and they can actually fit 3 people comfortably. There is also 19.8 cubic feet of cargo space in the Model 3 so you can easily fit your family’s luggage and still have room to pack along other things you may need. 

Up front there are two cupholders and also 2 ports available for cordless charging of phones. Even if you don’t have a phone that can be cordlessly charged there are two USB-C ports up front as well as two USB-C ports in the back which is great for long trips so kids can charge their tablets or other devices. 

Tesla made sure to consider comfort when designing the Model 3 so you can make long trips without worry. The vegan leather that Tesla used to design the seats is said to be softer than leather and is actually stain resistant as well so you don’t have to fret too much with kids spilling snacks in the back seat.

Floor mats also help protect against dirt and stains and can easily be removed and cleaned if needed/  Under the armrests Tesla has included tiered storage for convenience. There is also storage in the center console and the glove box as with most traditional vehicles. 

The cabin of the Model 3 also features overheating protection which means that you can stay cool even when it is hot outside. Another thing to know is that the glass roof is tinted so if you are concerned about the cabin getting super hot with the sun shining through the top of the car don’t be. The glass rood is tinted and will protect from heat and ultraviolet rays. If you hate cold cars then you are going to love that the Model 3 cabin will actually be preheated to a certain temperature even before you get into the car.

The reason that the cabin is preheated is because the car will actually warm the battery to a certain temperature to ensure maximum efficiency and range. Not only does the interior of the car preheat in cold weather but both the front and rear seats are heated seats so you should have no reason that you are cold in the Model 3. The windshield, rear window, and side mirrors are all heated to help stop windows from frosting up.

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