Rivian Truck: Complete Overview Of The R1T

Photo Courtesy of Rivian

Rivian’s flashy new electric truck is now on the market, the Rivian R1T. The R1T is among the first electric trucks to come out on the market and is really looking to target those interested in recreational trucks. Motortrend even named the R1T the 2022 truck of the year. Rivian has packed the R1T with a ton of fancy features and state-of-the-art technology to make it a popular contender on the electric vehicle market. 

What makes the Rivian R1T electric truck so worth it, and how could it possibly be the truck of the year? The Rivian R1T is the new benchmark for electric pickups worldwide. If other manufacturers hope to compete with the R1T they’ll have to beat it in every performance category. The distinct exterior aesthetics, outdoor oriented design, and array of aftermarket products that are already available make the R1T stand out from its electric competitors.

Rivian seems to be very proud of the R1T and seems to be pushing to sell the R1T even more so than the R1S. The reason for this is because the Rivian R1T is one of the very first electric truck models out on the market. If Rivian is able to get a lot of these trucks out and have them become popular before companies like Ford and Tesla release their fully electric trucks, then Rivian will have a good foothold in the electric vehicle market. 

History Of The R1T

Rivian is an electric car company that was founded in 2009. In 2011, Rivian produced its first prototype but the project was abandoned after a few years. Rivian went back to the drawing board. During the next few years, Rivian really focused on creating infrastructure and a solid organization. In 2017, Rivian purchased a large manufacturing plant in Normal, Illinois. By the end of 2017, Rivian had some ideas to work with and had finalized the plans for two alpha prototypes. The next year the Rivian R1T all-electric truck debuted at the LA auto show alongside the R1S SUV. 

In 2019 Rivian received support from many companies, two of the biggest being Ford and Amazon. In total, Rivian got an entire 3 billion dollars worth of funding which allowed them to begin production on the R1S. With this funding, Rivian was also able to continue to increase the funding that was going into the development of not only the technologies in the car, but they also even began plans on expanding the facility in Normal, IL. 

Rivian has now moved its headquarters to Irvine, California and has continued to develop new technologies and ideas for its vehicles. Years and years of research and development have gone into designing and now producing the R1T and the R1S. Originally, the R1S was set to release in 2020, but we all know what happened to the world in 2020. We can just say that there were some setbacks that Rivian faced, the biggest of which probably being supply shortages

After many roadblocks, Rivian is finally beginning to get the R1T off of the production line going into 2022. The release date for the R1T was continuously moved back, and last year, the R1T was set to release in September of 2021 but as we can see that didn’t happen. Now, Rivian has begun to get vehicles to customers who have ordered them. There is a large number of people that pre-ordered that R1T so Rivian is still working to get these people their vehicles because they have been waiting for these vehicles for quite a long time. It will be a slightly longer wait for Rivian vehicles to make their way to the dealerships. 

Rivian R1T Specs

The R1T is a moderately sized truck that seats 5, including the driver. The length of the R1T is about 18 feet with a width of about 7.5 feet, the mirrors can fold in giving it the possibility of having a width just under 7 feet. Height of the R1T can vary because of a feature that allows you to manually adjust the height of the R1T when it is parked to allow for a more convenient height to unload and load the truck bed. The max height of the R1T is 78 inches, so about 6 ½ feet

What are the off-roading specs for the R1T? Rivian has designed the R1T with off-roading in mind. The R1T has an approach angle of 35 degrees and a departure angle of 30 degrees. What that means is that the R1T has the ability to go up a ramp that is at 35 degrees without hitting any part of the front of the vehicle. A departure angle is the angle the rear can come off of without hitting any part of the rear of the car. The wheel base length for the R1T, which is the length of the center of one wheel to the center of the next wheel, is 135 in. 

The max ground clearance of the R1T is 14.9 inches, so almost 15 inches of clearance. To give that a little bit of comparison, the Ford F-150 or a Chevy Silverado have ground clearances of 8 or 9 inches. A Jeep Rubicon has a clearance of about 11 inches. When you compare the R1T to these other vehicles it is easy to see that it really does have an impressive ground clearance. But ground clearance isn’t the only impressive thing when it comes to the specifications of the R1T.

Another aspect of the truck that allows for great adventuring is the fact the R1T has the ability to cross 3+ feet of water. Most vehicles can’t even cross this deep because of air intakes- unless they add a snorkel to their vehicles. The R1T doesn’t need air for the engine to run which is what gives it the ability to cross this deep of water. 

Electric vehicles usually have an amazing ability to create massive amounts of torque which usually help them have very quick acceleration. The R1T isn’t an exception and has an amazing 0-60 mph acceleration speed of only 3 seconds. Thanks to the special skateboard besign of the R1T battery, the R1T has an impressive EPA rated range of 314 miles. 

The R1T offers 62 cubic feet of storage. Rivian utilized every square inch in the vehicle by adding storage compartments under the seats and even added a roomy storage compartment in the center of the truck. The storage compartment and the bed of the truck provide multiple options to store things. With Rivian focusing on having their vehicles meant for adventure they wanted to make sure to provide storage for all the equipment you might want to carry with you. 

If the weather is nice and you are somewhere where you aren’t nervous about having things get stolen then the truck bed is perfect for easily throwing things into. The truck bed has dimensions of 54 inches by 51 inches, which isn’t huge for a truck bed but still offers a lot of space. A manual tonneau cover comes included with the most basic trim level for the R1T and is lockable so you do have the ability to protect things you want to store in the truck bed if you think theft may be a danger wherever you are going. 

 If faced with snow or rain or you need to lock something up that you are worried about getting stolen, then you have the option of the storage compartment that Rivian calls the “gear tunnel”. The gear tunnel offers 11.7 cubic feet of storage. The gear tunnel is right between the cab of the truck and the bed of the truck and uses space that usually is taken up by mechanical parts in conventional vehicles but the R1T doesn’t have to worry about those mechanical pieces due to it being an electric vehicle. 

The doors to the gear tunnel actually fold down and can be used as seats or even as step stools to put things onto racks on the roof of the truck. These fold down doors are rated to hold 250 pounds. Rivian highlights how the gear tunnel can be used to store even things that are muddy and can easily handle the grime. Small items that you might be afraid of blowing away just in the back of the truck can easily be stored in the gear tunnel and give you peace of mind that they will be completely safe. 

Bonus Features Of The R1T

The Rivian R1T comes equipped with some bonus features, of course, including fancy gadgets and state-of-the-art components. The safety of its customers is top priority for Rivian as it is with most of the car manufacturers. The R1T comes equipped with 11 cameras, which means that the truck has a 360-degree view even when you don’t. With the aid of these 11 cameras, the R1T is able to perform safety features like automatic emergency braking, lane control to keep you from drifting into other lanes, and alerts that warn you if a vehicle is in your blind spot.

To add to the safety features Riviain has also installed 5 radars and 12 ultrasonic sensors. The R1T uses these sensors to regulate distance between vehicles when using cruise control as well as avoiding accidents when doing lane changes and or using emergency braking. Rivian makes sure to clarify that even with all of these safety features it is still important to keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road. 

These features all come as standard on the R1T but Rivian has included something that makes it so you don’t have to just settle for that. Rivian has set up a way for the R1T to receive software updates over the air so as Rivian develops new features for the R1T it can automatically update the vehicle’s computer with the new features. This will allow the R1T to benefit from the same features that newer versions of the truck will have. 

An advanced infotainment center is also part of the standard R1T package. This comes with features like Bluetooth, GPS, and even certain apps can be downloaded. All of these safety features and entertainment systems are what Rivian calls “Driver+”. With Driver+ the vehicle can technically drive itself with just voice commands from you but of course you should always being paying attention to the road seeing that the technology is still so new. 

Amazon has been a big investor and supporter of Rivian and is a big part of the reason Rivian is up and running now. Amazon’s “Alexa” comes standard will all Rivian vehicles as part of Rivian’s large backing by Amazon. Alexa will be able to perform all of the same tasks she would as if she was in your home. This means by simply speaking you can control the air conditioning, music, and even search questions on the web all while driving. 

Rivian makes their adventure gear available for purchase with all of their vehicles. Adventure gear ranges from an air compressor to a camp kitchen. Other gear like flashlights, survival kits, first aid kits, and emergency road kits are also available to add on top of your vehicle. You can even go as far as purchasing a roof-top tent with your vehicle. There are also packages that can allow you to have other features like a reinforced undercarriage, off-road tires, or dual front bumper towing hooks. 

Along with these options, there is a wide selection of different types of racks you can put onto the R1T no matter what your hobbies may be. These include: ski and snowboard racks, bike racks, and even surfboard racks. Another interesting thing about these racks that is kind of unique to the R1T is that these racks can go over the bed of the truck instead of on the roof and will not only provide a “roof” to keep things from falling out of the bed of the truck but allows for easier installation, loading, and unloading. But this feature also depends on the kind of rack you are using. 

Seeing that the R1T is an electric truck, it makes sense that it would come with 6 outlets to charge whatever you need to. Four of these outlets are 120V outlets which is just your standard in the wall outlets at your home, the other two outlets are 12V outlets that are designed for smaller electronics. Unless you are charging a lot of items, then using these outlets shouldn’t drastically effect your range. An at-home wall charger for your vehicle can be included as well for an extra $500 which is actually a fairly reasonable price for an at home electric vehicle charger. 

What Is The Towing Capacity For The R1T

Another piece of good to know information would be the towing capacity of the R1T. The R1T is a truck after all, so towing capacity can be an important piece of information. Rivian designed the R1T with a quad-motor powertrain system. That means that each wheel has its own independent motor which allows the wheels to spins at different speeds and have different amounts of power, this feature is especially useful when off-roading. 

The quad motor system and unique engineering of the R1T gives it the ability to tow up to 11,000 pounds. To be able to tow this much the R1T can’t be carrying much cargo if any at all in the vehicle but if you are towing under 10,000 pounds then you shouldn’t have any worries about loading up the truck with your family and towing whatever you want.

Conventional trucks with towing packages can tow up to 13,000 to 14,000 pounds but most basic models of trucks only tow 6 to 7 thousand pounds safely, so considering that the R1T isn’t specifically designed for towing, 11,000 pounds of towing is impressive. Most trailers and campers don’t weigh even near this much, so you should have more than enough towing capacity for whatever activities you may want to do. 

However, something you need to be aware of when towing is that it will greatly shorten the range of the R1T. As stated earlier, the R1T has an expected EPA range of 314 miles but towing is going to require a lot more power to be used. If you are towing your range could even be reduced by more than half that. Make sure to take this into account when you go on trips that may take you away from places you could possibly charge your vehicle so you don’t have to worry about getting stranded. 

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