Rivian R1T Price: Cost Of Trim Levels And Options

Photo Courtesy of Rivian

For a very long time, I have been excited to see Rivians R1T truck and everything that comes with it. Rivian’s goal for this truck was to make a truck capable of being outdoors and handling any activity that comes along in that setting. Rivian has released some trucks but sadly there has been a huge slowdown, not many trucks have been released because of chip shortages and other pandemic-related incidents. Some people, specifically those that ordered Rivian’s larger battery, have been told that they will get their trucks as soon as 2023. Regardless of this, Rivian still allows you to order and customize your very own truck on their website, there are really only two packages you can order but there are also other features that you can add to either truck.

What are the costs of Rivian R1T trim levels and options? The Rivian R1T starts at $67,500 for the base model, also called the Explore package. Rivian also offers an Adventure package which gives you a premium interior as well as a few other premium features, but no mechanical or performance upgrades. For $10,000 you can add their “Max pack” which is a battery capable of a 400 mile range.

Most options that you can change in other trucks are also available for customization in this truck from a variety of prices. Some of their biggest options would be the Rivian Camp Kitchen x Snow Peak which is a complete cooking system that can be stored in the gear tunnel for $5,000, a Three-Person Tent + Cargo Cross Bars which is a tent that can be set up on the rear cargo crossbars for $2,650, and the Offroad upgrade which adds a reinforced underbody shield as well as dual front bumper tow hooks for $2,000.

Rivian does not offer an overwhelming amount of customization to their vehicles. Whether this is them saying that their trucks have already been designed to perfection or there just aren’t a lot of customizable features on the vehicles, we don’t know. Most of their options are related to using the truck in an outdoor recreational-type setting. We will look at nearly all the features and add-ons that Rivian offers, as well as their prices..

Basic Model Price

Unfortunately, the R1T is more expensive than most people are willing to pay. Rivian has tried to make this the premium electric truck on the market that is capable of outdoor recreational use, something that is not often associated with electric vehicles. Rivian’s R1T has a starting price of $67,500 for the base model. There are still different add ons that are available that can increase the price by over $20,000 if you add a large amount on. 

The base model of the R1T is available in two colors for the same color, silver, and white. All other colors cost anywhere from $500 to $2,500. The truck also has multiple sized wheels as well, namely 20” all-terrain, 21” road, and 22” sport which cost anywhere from $1,500 to $3,500. These tires do affect the range of the vehicle and 21” road tires come stock with the truck and provide the highest range. The R1T also comes stock with their large pack battery that is capable of 314 miles of range, there is also a large Max pack that is said to give over 400 miles of range that is available for order on their website. 

Available Dealer Options

Rivian has some amazing features when it comes to customizing the R1T. Rivian has focused mainly on the R1T being capable of outdoor recreational use. Rivian wants their truck to be capable of handling nearly all problems that you could encounter during some time spent outdoors, something that many people don’t really associate with electric vehicles.

This is why many of Rivians’ customizable offers have to do with the truck in an outdoor or adventure-type setting. To start the truck off you have an option between the Explore package, $67,500, or the Adventure package, $73,000, the biggest difference between these is that the adventure package includes a higher quality interior as well as some higher quality features such as sound system.

Although there are some unique features that you can add to the truck, it doesn’t have an overwhelming amount of customization. Most of their customization comes in packages which means that most of their options are generally pretty large features, however, there are still some smaller things you can add to the vehicle.

One of the most important options would be the Max Pack battery, a battery pack that may be able to get the R1T over 400 miles of range and costs around $10,000 to add to the vehicle. Another small package that they offer would be the off-road upgrade, this is a $2,000 package that will give you a reinforced underbody shield as well as dual front bumper tow hooks so no matter what mess you get yourself into, the R1T will be protected and capable of being saved.

Rivian Camp Kitchen x Snow Peak$5,000Fully functioning kitchen along with a full kitchen set with nearly anything you may need to cook
Three-Person Tent + Cargo Crossbars$2,650A tent that is capable of being set up on the rear cargo crossbars for camping, cargo crossbars included
Gear Tunnel Shuttle$1,500A platform that is capable of sliding in and out of the gear tunnel
Cargo Crossbars$450Cargo crossbars that go on top of the car, a variety of mounts can be added onto your vehicle from anywhere between $220 to $320
All-Weather Floor Mats$175Mats meant to handle any sort of weather or wear and tear that you can throw at it
Off-Road Recovery Kit$600A kit full of everything you may need to make an off-road recovery
Field Kit$150A kit that fits perfectly into the passenger side door that holds a large amount of medical, survival, and general supplies

This is not an extensive list of everything that can be added to the Rivian R1T. Other options, as well as customizable features, may be available on Rivian’s website. The options listed in the table are labeled as “Adventure Gear” when customizing the R1T on Rivian’s website.

Why It Costs So Much

There is no big reason that the Rivian costs so much, it is mostly the combination of a wide variety of different small technologies and features that set it apart from other trucks that increase the price. Along with the large number of materials needed to create this car, there has been a worldwide shortage of these materials, like computer chips, which have driven the prices through the rough as there is a huge demand for them but very little that can go around.

There are other factors that have affected the price of the truck as well, such as the release of other electric trucks. Tesla and Ford, along with some other competitors, have all announced their own electric trucks, this has caused the price to decrease by about $1,500 as Rivian truly does want to compete with these larger companies but it is unlikely they will be able to decrease their prices anymore because of their need to turn a profit.

One of the biggest reasons Rivian may be more expensive is this is a completely new design for trucks and Rivian didn’t have anything to just copy off. It is quite expensive to completely design, engineer, and create a new car. Some companies have spent around 1 billion dollars completely making a car from scratch, just changing the body style of a car can cost around 200 million dollars.

Electric cars are more expensive on average and combined with this company starting completely from scratch, it makes sense why they decided they should build a premium type of truck for a premium price. Because if they didn’t they may never make any profit.

As I mentioned before, this price is a little high for most people’s budgets. Even the numbers show that the car has a high price with it beating the average cost of an electric vehicle by over $10,000, with the average price being $56,437. Just the average price of electric vehicles is already another $10,000 over the average price of the industry average for cars.

Rivian’s truck is already $20,000 above what the average person would spend for a normal car. Fortunately, Rivian isn’t really focused on becoming normal, and there are plenty of people that are willing to pay that amount of money-as has been shown by Rivian’s extensive list of orders.

Are Rivian’s Higher Trim Levels Worth The Cost?

This question is completely personal and if you truly wanted to justify it, then you could nearly always do it. There really are no standard trim levels when it comes to the R1T but there are four packages available for purchase, these packages are the Explore package, the standard package, the Adventure package, and the premium package.

These packages do not change any of the mechanics in the car, they focus on mainly the interior and sound system of the car. The biggest difference when looking at the outside is the explore package has an all-black side view mirror and the Adventure has a silver and black side view mirror. We will try to look at the logical side by looking at the average prices of the extra features from each trim level to try and measure and compare if they are in fact “worth it”.

Adventure PackageExplore Package
Large pack battery standardLarge pack battery standard
Powered tonneau coverManual tonneau cover
Gear Guard
Air compressorAir compressor
Rivian Elevation audio by MeridianStandard audio system
Natural-grained ash wood interior finishesMatte black interior finishes
Perforated vegan leather seating with patterned stitchingVegan leather seating with performance stitching
Heated and ventilated seatsHeated seats
Heated steering wheelHeated steering wheel
Driver and passenger lumbar adjustmentDriver lumbar adjustment
Compass Yellow interior accents
100% recycled microfiber headlinerTextile headliner
Chilewich floor mats100% recycled textile floor mats

This comparison chart of the two available packages for the R1T can be found on their website when customizing the truck to your preferences. As you can see, most of the features that are different between the two trims are interior and comfort changes. As there is a difference of $5,500, nearly all of these features are covered fully at that price. There really isn’t a practical way to say if the Adventure package is worth what it costs, as it is mainly based on comfort and look which for some people is very important while for others it may simply not matter.

How Much Will The R1T Depreciate?

Electric vehicles have been shown to depreciate at a higher rate than most internal-combustion vehicles. Premium and high-end vehicles also tend to depreciate at a lower rate than other vehicles, however, this is usually only common in very expensive vehicles and although Rivian is more expensive than normal it really doesn’t escape depreciation. Sadly, the electric car factor of the Rivian will probably cause it to depreciate at a much higher rate than other cars.

Other electric vehicles generally decrease quickly when it comes to their resale value. In 3 years, electric cars are expected to depreciate by about 52%, this does vary from car to car however as most Teslas tend to hold their value closer to a normal car. When comparing this percentage to the about 38% depreciation value for other vehicles, we can immediately see how large the difference is. There is no way to predict the exact percentage of how much the Rivian R1T will depreciate but by looking at these numbers we can have a pretty good idea.

Trucks however tend to depreciate at a slower rate than SUVs or sedans. With a percentage that is about 5% lower than SUVs and Sedans, this is not an exceptional difference but definitely a noticeable one. This difference in price is generally, among other reasons, because of the convenience and utility that trucks generally provide as a mode of transportation and a work vehicle. As electric trucks are pretty new on the market, we don’t have any real numbers relating to electric trucks as a group so most of our guessing is based on the depreciation of internal combustion trucks combined with electric vehicle depreciation.

Are The Trim Levels Better Or Worse Than Rivian’s Competitors?

This question is also something that many people will try to argue as many people with trucks like to stick with what brand they believe to build the best trucks and it can sometimes be difficult to convince them otherwise. Regardless of this, we will try to compare some common features that trucks are known to have features electric vehicles are known to have.

Electric trucks are pretty well known when it comes to the electric vehicle market and no real major electric truck has made it to the streets yet as most of them have been delayed until late 2022 or 2023. Some trucks and their trims that we may look at are the Ford Lighting, the electric Chevrolet Silverado, and the Tesla Cybertruck.

For these trucks we will look at the highest possible trims level and what comes along with this along with their prices. We will look at the highest possible trim level but will not add on any packages, this means that some of these trucks may be priced differently and have different features depending on whether or not you add more features to the truck when you order one. More research would be required if you want to purchase one of these trucks and this list should not be used as a definite decision of what trim level of what brand is the best as it is not an extensive list.

Rivian R1T

  • $73,000
  • 314 miles of range
  • 62 cubic feet of storage
  • Tow 11,000 pounds
  • 0-60 in 3 seconds
  • Powered tonneau cover
  • Rivian Elevation audio by Meridian
  • Premium interior

Ford Lighting

  • $90,874
  • 300 miles of range
  • 12 outlets around the truck
  • Tow 10,000 pounds
  • 0-60 in mid-4-second range
  • Home powering capabilities
  • B&O Sound System Unleashed by Bang & Olufsen with 18 Speakers Including a Subwoofer
  • Exceptionally large amount of technology
  • Premium interior

Chevrolet Silverado

  • The official price for base model is $39,000, no price for premium model
  • Tow max of 20,000 pounds
  • Features will be released close to the release date

Tesla Cybertruck

  • Official prices continuously change as release date is pushed back
  • Premium model will probably cost around $70,000 or more
  • Up to 500 miles of range
  • Incredibly durable frame and windows
  • Tow 14,000 pounds
  • 0-60 in 2.9 seconds
  • Air suspension

These lists are not a complete list of every feature that these trucks have, but as you can see, this list is not exceptionally large because of the relative newness of electric trucks. As more information and more trucks are released, it will become much easier to compare these trucks to each other, and will really be able to try and determine if a certain brand and its specific trim level are better than the rest of the electric trucks currently on the market.

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