Rivian R1T Horsepower And What To Expect

Photo Courtesy Of Rivian

Rivian…you’ve heard that before. You probably remember it when you were doing some research on fully electric trucks! The arrival of these powerful machines is just around the corner projected to begin delivery in January 2022. 

So what is the horsepower of the Rivian R1T? The Rivian R1T is amongst the first production of electric trucks and is planning to deliver an estimated 835 horsepower. In addition, the Rivian R1T has over 900 ft-lbs of torque. Those numbers are unheard of in a production vehicle, let alone seeing this in a truck.

You won’t believe which trim levels come equipped with such power. Rivian has not released these cars to the public for purchase yet, but they will extremely soon. The Rivian R1T will change the electric vehicle world as we know it. are you ready? 

The Horsepower Of Each Trim Level

Rivian is bringing some serious competition to the electric vehicle table. In most manufacturers, there is a difference offered in power trains when it comes to their vehicles to offer a variety to their customers. They may offer a V6 for “better fuel economy” or a V8 for more towing capacity. Rivian doesn’t see it that way when it comes to the R1T.

They plan on making the 835hp and 900ftlbs of torque the standard power output for the R1T. They will have 2 dual electric motors mounted on this beast. That is four electric motors in total. The front axle motors provide about 415 horsepower and 413ftlbs. of torque with the rear dual-motor setup at 420 horsepower and 495ftlbs. of torque.  

They do, however, plan on making 3 trim levels. The most important differences being that of the interior and optional accessories. Let’s take a look at what each one has to offer. The entry-level R1T Explorer Pack comes standard with a large battery pack. It also includes things that most truck owners wish they had on a truck like an air compressor, manual tonneau cover, and leather seating.

The next step up is the Adventure Package again comes with standard, but upgraded, features. Some of which are the audio system, powered tonneau cover, ventilated seats, yellow interior accents, and wood finishes being the most notable. The most loaded R1T Launch Edition will definitely be seeing that large battery pack capable of 835hp and 900ft-lb of torque. The Launch Edition offers priority delivery, Launch Edition interior badging, special launch edition green paint color option, and 20” or 22” wheel options. Let’s see how it stacks against the competition.

Horsepower Compared To Other Mid-Size Trucks

The midsize truck is something that is making a HUGE comeback with vehicles like the Ford Ranger, Chevrolet Colorado, Toyota Tacoma, and the Nissan Frontier.  These trucks range from about 200-300 horsepower. They can safely tow maybe a small boat or camper. Yes, this is the class of truck that the Rivian R1T is competing against. 

The competition can’t hold a candle to this midsize super truck. The available standard features also seem to topple those of other manufacturers. Vegan Leather interior on an entry-level model? Never heard of it unless you are in a Rivian R1T. Trailer Assist, ever heard of it? It helps you back your trailer whenever you need to park it, and that’s standard too. 

The power on these trucks in comparison to the Rivian R1T is almost laughable. Could you imagine the 835hp and 900ftlb of torque we talked about earlier jammed into one of those trucks? It’s been done, I’m sure, with some kind of Frankenstein, twin-turbo, V8 swap that wasn’t ever meant to go into a midsize truck like that. The R1T comes like this from the factory too! It’s supposed to be this powerful!

Is EV Horsepower Equal To Traditional Car Horsepower?

We’ve been talking a lot about Horsepower and Torque. This is because they are the most universal terms to describe the power output of a vehicle. Electric vehicles use a different term to describe power and that is Kilowatts. One kilowatt equals 1.34 horsepower.   

Earlier, we talked about the 2 dual motor designs on the R1T with an output of 415 horsepower on the front axle. This would equate to roughly 556 kilowatts. The rear with an output of 420 horsepower would equate to around 562 kilowatts. In total, we are talking about huge power here even venturing into Megawatt levels with this R1T! 

The interesting fact about horsepower is that it is measured at its peak. If a car has 350 horsepower, it has to change a couple of gears in the transmission and push the engine to its limit to reach that much power. Electricity is instant and you do not need to wait for anything to build up. This means you have that 835 horsepower ready and available to you at any moment. You don’t have to change gears at all. It’s as easy as pushing your foot a little harder on the accelerator to activate more power. 

0-60 Times

You’ll need to watch out for this truck. If you are looking for a sleeper truck, then go ahead and end all searches because this is the one you have been looking for. The 0-60 time for the Rivian R1T is around 3 seconds. I’m trying to think of things I can accomplish in 3 seconds, maybe blink a couple of times, take a breath. What can you do in 3 seconds? 

This truck launches you clear into the future with this 0-60 time. This 0-60 time would keep you beside a Porsche, Lamborghini, or Ferrari for a while! I’m sure they would be surprised at a $70,000 truck even keeping up with them on the track.

This is accomplished by those 2 Dual Motor assemblies found on the front and rear axles. This makes the truck All-Wheel-Drive. The power we’ve been drooling over this whole time is available to you in this format! No room for burnouts here, there are places you have got to be! Does that mean you can bring the camper too? Yes, and I’m not just talking about the pop-up. 

Rivian R1T Towing Capacity

While the 0-60 time is capable of peeling your eyelids off, let’s not forget that this is a truck. The average towing capacity in the midsize truck market is fairly impressive. Some of the gasoline trucks in the market can tow what v8 trucks did in the 90s. The Rivian R1T tows it all to the table. The Rivian R1T with its powerful motors and the huge standard battery is capable of towing 11,000lbs. That is as big as some 5th wheel campers! 

Most towing capable vehicles experience a loss of range or mpg when towing. The R1T cuts its range in half when towing. That’s a 50% decrease in range. While it still boasts an overall range of 314 miles, this means you can expect to go around 155 miles on a single charge while towing.

This just means whenever you are on your way to your destination, you’ll want to plan for stops to charge up. The best part is it will take minutes to get back up to 80% of your range. While this can be inconvenient for some, this is the perfect opportunity to check out new campsites for others.  

Another thing to be aware of is the wheel size that comes with the R1T. While the 20in or 22in wheels may seem enticing, they reduce the amount of range from 5%-15%. The 21in wheels are the ones you want if you need those extra 6 – 30 miles on a charge. The 21in wheel is becoming a standard tire size in a lot of electric vehicles, and this may be a reason for it. That being said, tire costs will probably drop over time, considering this size will be more in demand. 

With a price tag starting at around $67,000 the Rivian R1T seems to be a bargain super truck. The standard features are sure to impress you. The power will blow you away. This is the most capable electric truck we’ve seen thus far, or is it? The information gathered here can be found on their website at rivian.com/r1t.

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