Rivian R1S Price: Cost Breakdown Of Every Option 

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Electric cars are, historically, more expensive and a big turnoff for people that can’t afford the higher price tag. Rivian is a brand new company emerging onto the electric car scene. Many people, even Elon Musk, see Rivian as Tesla’s greatest competitor. Currently, Rivian has two models that they will be selling to the general public and that is the R1S and the R1T. The R1S is what I will primarily be talking about in this article so now for the big question, how much does it cost? 

What is the price of a Rivian R1S? A new Rivian R1S starts at the price of $70,000. Three editions are available for purchase: the Explore Package, the Adventure Package, and the Launch Edition. The Explore Package is the most basic, starting at $70,000.The Adventure package and the Launch Edition come with more accessories and start at $75,000. 

If you continue with this article, I will be breaking down the pricing of these models and talk about what exactly goes into the cost. Are you really getting your money’s worth when you pay for the R1S? You may also be questioning if it is really worth the purchase of the more expensive models. There are options when it comes to purchasing the R1S so we’ll talk about those so you can make a decision that seems right for you. 

Basic Model Price Breakdown

Your basic R1S is going to start at $70,000. Currently, the R1S isn’t available at your nearest dealer but Rivian is planning to begin sales to the general public in January 2022. If you were to pre-order one, you can do so for an additional $1,000. The R1S comes standard with many features that you will also find in the Adventure Package and Launch Editions. 

In the basic Explore Package R1S, you get quite a few features that traditionally don’t come with standard packages on cars. Heated seats and a heated steering wheel are both included with the standard model. Some other really cool features that come with this model are an air compressor as well as a power liftgate. Having a car with a built-in air compressor will be a new experience for everyone.

Another unique component that comes with the Explore Package is that you can actually make the choice of having 5 or 7 seats. Rivian is allowing you to make a much more personalized car with no extra cost to you. The Explore model also comes with the same size battery pack as the other two packages. So you aren’t getting robbed when it comes to mileage if you only purchase the basic package. 

Available Dealer Options

There are many features that you can add to your Rivian R1S but each comes with a price, of course. The R1S is highly customizable with Rivian even allowing you to select different tires and rims you can put on your car. With the tires specifically, Rivians has options ranging from the standard 21” road wheels at no extra cost all the way up to options like 22” Sports tires that are an additional $3,500. 

The color choices can also add some cost to your total price. The standard is LA silver, with other colors like blue or compass yellow that can add an additional $4,300. There are also options where you can choose to have a spare tire ($450) or even add a reinforced undercarriage (an extra $2,000). The reinforced undercarriage also includes dual tow hooks on the front bumper. 

When it comes to the interior, there isn’t a whole lot you can do on the standard Explore Package. You can change the upholstery color and choose to have 5 or 7 seats, and both options don’t affect the overall price. One thing that Rivian does well with the R1S is that you can purchase what they call “Adventure Gear”. Basically, it is just additional things like a rooftop tent, emergency kits, and/or other “adventure equipment that can come included with the vehicle if you so choose.” 

A three-person tent and cargo crossbars can be purchased for $2,650. If you just want the cargo crossbars, then it is only $450 per pair. Bike, ski and snowboard, kayak, and SUP/surfboard mounts can also be added ranging from $220 – $320. Other options include a Rivian Wall Charger at $500, all-weather floor mats at $150, an off-road recovery kit at $600, and a field kit (which is basically a survival and first aid kit built into one) for $150. 

Why It Costs So Much

$70,000 is no small cost, we can look at other electric cars like the Tesla Model 3 that you can find for around $40,000 and then even cars like the Nissan Leaf that you can buy new for as low as $27,000. Then why does the most basic Rivian R1S cost a whopping $70,000? The most simple explanation is that the Rivian R1S isn’t just your average electric car. 

First off, the Rivian R1S is an SUV, which is historically more expensive than just your basic Sedan. Due to the fact that the R1S is an SUV, it will have a larger chassis and more material will have to go into building it. The Rivian R1S is designed to handle rougher terrains and go places your average electric car wouldn’t go. With its ability to go off-road and handle terrains other than just a paved road, a few things need to be added. These accessories are things that you won’t find in a “normal” electric vehicle, like the Nissan Leaf. 

Going off paved roads means you will probably run into more bumps and ruts than you would usually, and therefore the R1S has a much better shock system than would your regular road electric vehicle. This will of course add to the final cost. To protect the undercarriage and battery from rocks and objects that it might bump into while off-roading, the R1S has a hardened undercarriage that almost creates an “armor” for its large battery. 

The battery on the R1S is a big factor adding to the higher cost. The Rivian R1S comes standard with a large battery that has an EPA estimated range of 316 miles on one charge. This range is very impressive, considering how much goes into the R1S. That range competes with vehicles like the Tesla Model 3 and Model X, which both have similar ranges. 

In addition to a large battery, the R1S has an incredible quad-motor powertrain system. What that means is that R1Ss have 4 separate motors. That is one for each wheel. This system allows the R1S to individually control the speed of each wheel to optimize traction and power usage. The R1S comes standard with Alexa from Amazon, as well as many other fancy computer systems built-in. 

Aside from all of those things, there are other costs that need to be considered like taxes and DMV fees. The average sales tax on a Rivian right now is about 6.25% that’s adding about $4,500 to your overall cost. There are also registration fees at the DMV which will vary depending on the state. In California, where Rivian is headquartered, the fee is $60. There are also other fees that come with purchasing an R1S. For example, Rivian mentions that there is a documentation fee when you purchase a car. 

Are The Higher Models Worth The Cost?

For the more expensive packages of the R1S, you are going to be paying at least an extra $5,000 more than if you were to just get the standard package. What are you really getting for your extra $5,000? The honest truth is that all that the extra $5,000 is getting you is for mainly aesthetic purposes. 

With the Launch Edition, you will be able to get limited edition badging, as well as special yellow compass highlights on the interior. You can also choose to have a limited launch green paint on your R1S. The other perk that comes with getting the Launch edition is you get to be one of the first people to receive your R1S. With the Adventure Package, you also get some upgraded interior. With both packages, you do get not just heated seats but also ventilated seats to help cut through the heat of the summer. 

How Fast Will The Rivian R1S Depreciate In Price?

No one can tell you exactly how much the R1S will depreciate, seeing that they aren’t even out on the market yet. Historically, electric vehicles depreciate at an exceptional rate but there is a chance that the R1S will not depreciate as fast as a lot of their electric vehicles do. Rivian is seen as Tesla’s biggest competitor so it would probably be the most accurate to estimate the depreciation of R1S by comparing it to a Tesla. 

The Tesla Model X depreciates by about 35% according to caredge.com after 3 years. Whereas your average electric cars depreciate by 52%. Tesla’s Model X is Tesla’s SUV model and is therefore probably the best guess at about what rate the Rivian R1S will depreciate. However, there will be no way to know for sure until the R1S gets out on the market.  

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