Rivian R1S Interior: High Tech Meets Comfort 

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Nowadays, everyone wants the best of the best in their vehicles. They want the most advanced tech, as well as cooling and infotainment systems. At the same time, they still want the finest interior, with leather seats, and an aesthetic dashboard set up. Sadly, you don’t get both in a regular electric car, but there is good news. This isn’t the case with the Rivian R1S, you can, in fact, have both. 

What is the Rivian R1S’s interior like? Rivian R1S models have vegan leather seats and natural-grain ash wood interior finishes. A state-of-the-art infotainment system includes features like music and other media, as well as climate control and navigation. In the other models, there is ventilated seating. Amazon’s Alexa is installed in each.

Rivian also adds a wide range of customization options to the R1S to allow customers to really get what they want. The options that Rivian has for the interior of the R1S goes as far as being able to select the number of seats you have in the car. No matter what you want in the interior of your R1S, there is a good chance there are options for you. 

Overview Of The Interior

Photo Courtesy Of Rivian

The standard R1S package, which is called the Explore package, comes with matte black finishes and vegan leather seats. The seats are heated, as well as the steering wheel, which is a great accessory for cold weather. 100% recycled textile floor mats are also included. As you can see, environmental friendliness is a theme with Rivian. The Explore package and the Launch Edition of the R1S both include Chilewich floor mats. Chilewich is a company that makes special woven vinyl mats that are stylish and durable. 

Overall, the R1S has a futuristic but simplistic look that is very attractive to any customers’ eye. Rivian uses a mix of neutral colored pieces of vinyl with natural wood accents to really make the interior pop. The Adventure package and Launch editions include compass yellow accents on the interior to really add a vibrant pop of color. 

Available Seating

Photo Courtesy Of Rivian

Rivian offers a feature with the seating in the R1S that not a whole lot of companies offer. With your R1S, you can decide to either have 5 or 7 seats, it all depends on what your needs are! If you have more kids or are planning on going on adventures with friends, the 7 seats might be best for you. If it will just be you and your significant other, then go for the 5 seats and get the added cargo room. An important detail is that if you want the extra 2 seats in your car it doesn’t cost any extra! Your R1S will be the same price whether you want 5 or 7 seats. 

All of the rear seats in the R1S can fold nearly flat. This is perfect for allowing you to sleep in the car or transport things that might be bigger or longer than just a normal trunk can fit. Another plus for having lay-down seats is that you can lay in the back of the car and stargaze through the all-glass roof. 

Rear Cargo Room

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One of the great things about the R1S is the added cargo space. Due to the engineering of the R1S, there is a large storage compartment under the front hood of the car, where an engine would usually be in a traditional gas-fueled car. In addition to the front storage compartment, the R1S has a spacious rear storage space. The rear has a power liftgate to reveal the trunk to help you out when you might have your hands full. The R1S boasts an incredible 105 cubic feet of storage space. A Toyota Camry has only 15.4 cubic feet of storage space.

How does the R1S have so much more you ask? Well, they are definitely efficient in how they use the space in the car. In addition to the front storage space and the trunk space, the R1S comes with a rear storage compartment as well as storage compartments under all of the seats. Rivian really has designed the storage space to allow you to carry anything you might need on all of those great adventures they know you’ll go on. 

Infotainment system

Photo Courtesy Of Rivian

The R1S infotainment system comes with tons of features, all for your comfort and enjoyment. One of the best things about it is that it is beautifully simple. All of the R1S features can be controlled from a single large touch-screen screen located in the center of the dashboard. It feels like some of today’s cars have so many buttons and switches that you can never have any hope of learning and knowing where all of them are. That is why this is such a great part of the R1S.

Each R1S includes a standard audio system that includes 12 speakers that can be controlled from the central screen. The R1S has Bluetooth capabilities and will come with maps and its own range of apps. The car’s climate control and heated seats are also controlled by the central screen. The R1S will also come equipped with its own Wi-Fi hotspot which will be super useful for adventures that might be a little further from civilization. 

A big feature that the R1S will have that actually all Rivian vehicles will have is Alexa. Yes, this is Amazon’s popular AI. Amazon is a very big investor in Rivian and has actually made an order for 10,000 electric vans that Rivian has already started to deliver on. Alexa will be of course voice-controlled, but you will still be able to control some features of Alexa on the central control screen. 

Bonus Features

Rivian is making state-of-the-art electric cars, so of course, they are going to have some state-of-the-art features. The R1S has a feature called Drive+ and it comes with some pretty cool features. Drive+ is basically as close to autopilot as you can get. With Drive+ you can control your R1S simply with your voice. With a few simple words, you can change lanes, the car can really steer for you. Drive+ will also adjust your speed and automatically steer to keep you in your lane unless you tell it to change lanes of course. 

Drive+ also comes with a lot of safety features, which Rivian makes clear is a top priority for its vehicles. The R1S can automatically brake if you get too close to another vehicle. There is also a 360-degree camera system to help warn you of any vehicles in your blind spots. The R1S also comes with safety features like lane assist.  However, even with all of these safety features, Rivian gives a clear warning that these things stop you from being fully attentive to the road. It encourages drivers to have their hands on the wheel at all times. The R1S even has an interior camera to monitor driver alertness and the car will give you a little reminder if it sees you with your hands off of the steering wheel. 

Other special features that come with the R1S are an air compressor and a rechargeable flashlight that is built into the door of the car. Both of these are super handy when you might be adventuring out on your own. Another cool feature is the adjustable height of the R1S. The R1S can lower down to as low as 8.1 in when parked to help with unloading groceries, camping gear, or whatever you might have in the back of your R1S. 

With your R1S, you can also purchase what Rivian calls “Adventure Gear”. Adventure Gear includes things like built-in first aid kits, a survival kit, tow straps, gear racks for the roof, even a tent if you want it. The things you can have come with your R1S are widely customizable and designed specifically for the R1S. 

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