Rivian R1S Delivery Date (You Won’t Want To Miss This!)

Photo Courtesy Of Rivian

The world is impatiently waiting for the release of Rivian’s R1S electric SUV, so when is it being released? Rivian will be releasing their first vehicles, the R1S SUV and the R1T truck, to the public soon. The public is extremely ready to receive these long-awaited electric vehicles. Many dates of delivery for the R1S have been thrown around, so many are wondering when the R1S will actually be released. 

When is the Rivian R1S delivery date? The first R1S’s will be delivered in January of 2022. The priority will be given to customers who pre-ordered their R1Ss. The R1S was previewed for release to the public in September of 2021. The date has continued to move back due to shortages and other COVID-19 related setbacks but the company is confident in its promise for January 2022. 

Rivian began back in 2009, this shows that they are wanting to do everything they can to get their first vehicles out on the market as soon as possible. With a large team of skilled professionals, Rivian is pushing to get the R1S to their wanting customers as quickly as they can. There have been many setbacks for the release of the Rivian R1S, but Rivian continues to chug ahead. 

When Will The First Customers Get Their Orders?

Rivian has been accepting pre-orders of the R1S for some time now and is still accepting them. To pre-order your vehicle, you can just go onto the Rivian website and configure your vehicle. A $1,000 fee will be charged to you at check out for the pre-order. Those who pre-order will get priority delivery and Rivian will work to get their vehicle out and delivered as soon as possible. If you have already preordered an R1S, then you are probably impatiently awaiting your stylish new vehicle. You can most likely expect the delivery of your R1S in January of 2022. 

The Launch Edition of the R1S is a special edition of the R1S that is actually no longer available to purchase. In addition to getting a limited edition R1S, these customers will get priority delivery as well. On their website, Rivian has stated that deliveries will begin in January of 2022. This isn’t to say that all deliveries will be in January of 2022, as there is a chance that limited production and other delays may only allow priority deliveries to begin. 

Originally, the R1S was supposed to start making its way to customers in September of this year but because of delays, it has moved to January of 2022 when customers will begin to receive their R1Ss. On September 14, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe tweeted that their first customer vehicles came off the production line. All the pictures that were posted were of Rivians electric truck, the R1T. It is not completely known if production of the R1S has begun, but if production of the R1S hasn’t started, it will soon.  

If I Order Now, How Many Months Will It Take To Receive One?

If you order your R1S now, it will most likely take a couple of months for your R1S to get to you. Like I said in the previous section, Rivian has announced that they will begin to deliver the R1S in January of 2022. Also mentioned earlier, Rivian is taking pre-orders and allows you to customize your car exactly how you would like it.

Rivian does charge you 1,000 USD, which is fully refundable if you change your mind about wanting an R1S. If you want your R1S as soon as possible, pre-ordering is probably your best option because doing so allows you to be put on priority delivery. Priority delivery allows Rivian to begin to prepare for the delivery and work out logistical things, like dates and locations, even if they don’t necessarily have your R1S built yet. 

The way that preorders will work is that once you have made a preorder, you will be contacted by your “Rivian Guide” who will work out the details like the time and location for the delivery of your R1S. Since there are currently no Rivian car dealerships, the Rivian guide will work with you to figure out the most efficient way to get your car delivered to you. Rivian has made the process much easier, as you can complete the purchase and everything else completely electronically online and through their Rivian app. 

If you want, Rivian is also offering trade-ins. Even if your car isn’t completely paid off, Rivian will completely pay off your car loan and the difference of what you had left will go towards your purchase of your R1S. You can trade in most makes and models to Rivian. This is another nice option that can help you to avoid the hassle of trying to sell your old car. If you choose to trade-in your car, Rivian will take your car upon delivery of your new Rivian so you don’t have to worry about being stuck without a car. 

Why Did It Take So Long To Release? 

I know maybe you are asking yourself, “if the R1S was supposed to come out in September, then why isn’t it out yet?” The biggest reason that Rivian has not yet released the R1S is COVID. Yes, COVID seems to be the thing to blame on a lot of things today, but it’s the same thing with this situation. As it is well-known COVID-19 has caused a widespread shortage of products that many people need. This is also the case with car manufacturers, including Rivian. 

There is a large shortage of microchips, which are vital in the creation of the R1S. And since they are being shipped from Asia, Rivian will have to wait for a long while. Rivian has also had to wait on other materials in its supply chain, all things that have added up to cause delays. Like other companies during the height of the pandemic, Rivian had to stop in-person work, which also caused delays in planning and logistical things that have added up over time.  

It is completely possible that because of the pandemic, planning, or other parts of the process of producing a car, delayed the entire process of producing the R1S was delayed. There could have been unknown delays within the company that can also add to delays of things like car production. Rivian is definitely racing to get its first vehicles out on the market because starting in 2022, other companies like Ford and Tesla are planning on releasing electric trucks to rival the R1T, the other vehicle Rivian plans on releasing along with the R1S. 

Are There Any More Potential Delays?

Of course, there are potential delays with COVID-19 there is still always the chance of a break out and a shutdown that could cause more delays. However, that this is very unlikely. With the covid vaccine being more widespread, it is unlikely that Rivian will have to shut down production at its plant in Normal, IL. 

The only thing that would limit or delay delivery of the R1S anymore is supply chain delays. It is very challenging to build cars if you don’t have the parts to build the said car. Shortage of production materials is a problem across the car manufacturing industry and most other industries right now. If Rivian continues to have to wait for materials and microchips, then they aren’t going to be able to produce the R1S as needed and another delivery delay could be implemented. 

Now that Rivian has begun production on the customer vehicles, it is unlikely that something will come up and cause a complete delay of the vehicle. It is most likely that the first R1Ss will come out on the market in January of 2022. The amount of R1S SUVs that come out on the market is another question. But Rivian has high hopes and is looking to deliver on its promise of the R1S for its customers this coming January. 

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