Recommended Tools

If you own a classic car or plan on owning one in the future, it’s a good idea to have certain tools so restoration and upkeep is much easier when the time comes.

I have restored several classic cars and through these experiences, I have come to find what essential tools are needed when owning such a piece of machinery. Unless you plan on paying someone else to do the work for you, you will inevitably be using these tools several times throughout the ownership of your classic car.

The six main tools I recommend for classic car owners are:

  • This socket/ratchet and wrench set on This will pretty much be your go-to tool set for most fixes on your classic car. I rely heavily on these tools not just for my classic cars, but for a wide variety of other household repairs.
  • This angle grinder on This is a tool you won’t use as often as the others, but if you plan on doing any sort of customizing on your classic car, this will be your best tool to do so.
  • This floor jack found on Jacks are always a must when you own any type of car. I recommend a high quality one like this one that’s essentially risk-free.
  • This welder from Having a welder just like this one will open so many more doors to customizing your classic ride and make it look the way you want it to.
  • This creeper on Bending over and reaching backwards can really take a toll on your body while you’re working on your classic car. I recommend this creeper to make your life a little easier. Your body will thank you.

Socket/Ratchet And Wrench Set

If you have a budget and can’t buy many tools, make this tool set your first priority. You will use these frequently on random things throughout the house and especially on your classic car. The reason I recommend the Craftsman brand is because it is the highest quality of the cheaper brands. Essentially, it’s the biggest bang for your buck. And trust me, I’ve gone through a lot of sockets and wrenches throughout my life to know which are the best.

One great perk about getting this set is that it comes in English and Metric unit sizes. Having both English and Metric sizes will keep you covered no matter what problem arises with your classic car. Whether or not you have a foreign car, this set will care for your needs.

Angle Grinder

As I mentioned before, if you plan on making any custom changes to your classic car, this angle grinder will be your best friend. This does an excellent job at cutting metal where I need to make the exact custom look I want. I usually use this to cut off any rusted parts of the body and replace it with new metal from the manufacturer.

There are other uses of the angle grinder besides cutting metal. You can also buy attachments such as sanding disks or wire wheels to get tough rust areas. I’ll occasionally use a drill and it’s attachments for jobs like this, but a grinder is more versatile and does a better job.

Floor Jack

If you own any car in general, chances are you’re going to have to get underneath it to look at what’s going on down there. With the help of this floor jack and other strong reinforcements, this can make any undercarriage repairs a breeze.

I’ve used this tool several other ways. I’ve used it to help get a car body off the frame, change tires and rims, lift frames while I pressure washed them, and used it to help lift heavy equipment into their designated places such as gas tanks. The opportunities are endless with this floor jack as well as the ways it can help you keep up with your classic car.


There may be some of you who raise your eyebrows at the suggestion of purchasing your own welder and doing your own customizing. Some people prefer to pay someone else to do things like that. While that is perfectly fine, I personally prefer to save as much money as I can and do some of my own customizing.

Having a welder like this one will open so many doors for you and your classic car. Welding is a skill you need to be decent at if you’re planning on doing any of it, but there are so many ways to learn how, including the internet. With the guidance of a friend, I was able to learn how to weld and I’m actually pretty good at it. Be sure to understand the safety precautions of welding and always wear the right gloves and welding mask. I use this Antra welding helmet and these heat and fire resistant leather gloves.


I’ve used a lot of different kinds of creepers during my classic car restorations, and this creeper is by far the coolest one. This makes maneuvering so much faster and easier and you won’t be near as sore at the end of the day.

The best part about this creeper is that it also turns into a seat which can come in handy in so many different situations. Because it’s interchangeable, it saves on a lot of storage space that you would have used with a separate creeper and a separate rolling seat.