Recommended Maintenance and Storage

Owning a classic car is such a fun hobby to have. Riding it around downtown and to car shows can make you so proud that you own such a beautiful piece of history. But it’s important to be aware and know how to maintain your classic car while you own it. Not taking the proper care of it can cause it to eventually break down over time. If you don’t take care of it, it won’t take care of you.

I, as well as several other family members, have owned classic cars. I’ve been able to discuss with them about what works with them, how they maintain their classic rides, and what steps we have all taken to properly store it during the times of the year we don’t drive it as much. We were able to come up with a pretty solid list of items that will save you a lot of money in the future if you use them right and care for your classic car.

These are the items I recommend to help maintain and store your classic car:

  • This car cover found on Having a good, quality cover on your classic car is essential to maintaining your ride, even if you have it in the garage all year.
  • This portable carport from If you aren’t able to store your classic ride in a garage simply because there isn’t enough space or you just don’t have one at all, this portable carport will do an excellent job at reinforcing protection for your car.
  • This jump starter from Classic cars are fun, but sometimes they can be a little unreliable, especially during the least convenient times. This portable jump starter will help you in a lot of unwanted situations.
  • This portable air compressor on Flat tires are always a nuisance, so having this handy will make your day much better when you need it. Plus you can use it for various other things, too.

Car Cover

You’d be surprised at how many people undermine the importance of using a car cover on their classic car. I understand it’s a hassle to constantly take it off and put it back on. Sometimes it’s even difficult to do it by yourself and often times need an additional person to do the job right.

Though it’s a hassle, it’s even more problematic down the road when you have to get a new paint job because your car was roasting in the sun without a cover on. The sun is a paint job’s worst enemy and can greatly affect it during just one hot summer. Not to mention any rain that will expedite the process of rust or hail that could potentially cause way too many dents.

Kids and animals hold a lot of threats to your classic car, too. Cats and dogs can scratch it up by putting their paws up on it, cats will even try to get inside. Kids could be playing around your classic car and accidentally slam into it while scratching it up.

There are just too many threats out there that a simple car cover can compensate for. This car cover will do a great job at protecting your classic car from a lot of potential damages the outside has to offer. I always use a cover on my classic vehicles and have really loved the results.

Portable Car Port

If you don’t have a garage, this portable car port will be your next best thing. In addition to having a cover over your classic car, having extra shelter over it, whether it be a garage or a portable car port, will ensure the safety of your classic car.

This portable car port does a great job at keeping out leaves, rain, and snow that would otherwise get on your classic car. It’s fairly simple to set up and you can easily take it down if needed. Also, the customer service is awesome, so you don’t need to worry if you have any questions or need a replacement part because they’ll take care of you.

Another thing I like about this portable car port is that it looks decent. I was usually against portable car ports because I didn’t love how they looked and would assume the neighbors would hate it. But this one looks good so your neighbors shouldn’t worry too much.

Jump Starter

Classic cars are awesome to have, but they’re old, especially if you have everything original. This can cause some potential mechanical issues while you’re out on the road simply because some of the parts in your classic car aren’t as good as modern technology. And these problems usually happen at the least convenient times.

The biggest problem I’ve run into with my classic vehicles is having a dead battery. Of course there are simple solutions like asking a stranger to help you out, but I’m not exactly comfortable having a stranger come and help my wife out if she’s stranded by herself. This jump starter is a perfect tool to help out with this.

Before any big trip, charge this jump starter and take it with you. It’s small enough that it can fit in your glove box or center console. It does a great job as recharging your battery when you need it. In addition, it has some extra bells and whistles including a flashlight and a USB port so you can charge your cell phone.

Portable Air Compressor

No matter what car you’re in, whether it be a classic car or your every day driver, you’ll probably run into having a tire with low pressure. Sometimes there isn’t a gas station close by to top off the air in your tires, so you just hope you can get to the next gas station safely, or use your spare.

This is an accessory I wish I had known about sooner. This portable air compressor does an excellent job at inflating a low tire. All you need to do is plug it into the cigarette lighter/12V outlet using the long cord provided and attach the nozzle to your tire and let it work it’s magic. It also has a digital tire pressure gauge so you’ll know how much air you’re putting in there.

It also comes with a flashlight on it, which I love because flat tires seem to always happen at night. It’s also quite small, so storing it in small places in your classic car is easy and no one will be able to see it.