Recommended Car Show Merchandise

If you’re a seasoned car show spectator or regularly show your classic car in car shows, you know how important it is to have the right equipment when you go. Car shows are usually all day events and they pass by quickly, so it’s important you’re prepared with everything you need to make your experience much more pleasurable.

I have attended hundreds of car shows and have put my own classic car restorations in car shows, too. I’ve been able to get a good idea about what’s important to bring whether you’re showing off your ride or just plan on being there to admire such machinery.

Here is some merchandise I recommend if you are planning on going to a car show:

  • This canopy tent found on Shade is essential at a car show, especially if you have your car parked and plan on sitting next to it for the majority of the show. This canopy tent will do an excellent job.
  • This camping chair from Part of the car show experience is sitting down and talking with other car enthusiasts and friends. It really makes a car show so fun. Having the right chair to sit in can really make a difference.
  • This cooler on Having a cold beverage at a car show during a hot summer day can really be so refreshing. This easily movable and accessible cooler has all the bells and whistles you need to add to your car show experience.

Canopy Tent

Having a copy tent is a must-have at a car show, especially if you are displaying your classic ride. If you’re one of the unlucky ones who had to park directly in the sun, this canopy tent will be your best friend.

Using this canopy tent can keep you way cooler as well as your classic car. If you provide shade, people are also more willing to come out in the sun and stand in your shade to look at the car you brought. The nice thing about this particular canopy tent is that it can easily fit in the small parking spot that car show workers assign you. It’s also simple to set it up and take it down and includes a storage bag with wheels on it so you don’t have to plan on carrying the whole weight moving it from place to place.

Another great feature about this particular tent is that it comes with weighted sand bags. If you’re not parked on a lawn where you can use the two holes on the bottom of each pole to put a stake in, then you can use these sand bags to keep the tent weighted down. This is an extremely important feature because you don’t want your tent blowing away in the wind and possibly scratching yours or someone else’s car.

Camping Chair

Having a camping chair like this one can provide some needed comfort while at a car show whether or not your brought a car to display. Sitting down and resting is important anyway because car shows are usually held in the summer when it’s very hot and heat stroke can easily strike at any time.

There are a lot of features I love about this particular camping chair. It’s spacious so anyone of most sizes can comfortably fit in it. The back is made of a mesh material so it’s breathable in the summer heat. It also comes with a cup holder AND a side back which is perfect for placing a cell phone, sunglasses, or book inside. The best part is how easy you can take it out and put it away. This chair will care for all your resting needs at any car show.


Like I said before, most car shows are held in the summer, so it can get really hot when you’re walking around in that summer heat. It can get hot while you’re just sitting there, too.

If you’ve ever been to a car show before, you’ll know that there are usually concession stands all around with drinks and food. The food and drinks are typically quite expensive though and may deter people from drinking much at car shows. Car shows generally let you bring your own food and drinks which is always a plus. This cooler can do that job perfectly for you.

I love this cooler because it’s the perfect size to bring an array of many drinks per your choice. It has four cup holders on the top that are self draining so your drink won’t be constantly sitting in a pool of water. It also has a handle with wheels, so taking it around places it very easy. My favorite part, though, is that it has it’s own drainage system which in my book is always a must. Any ice that melts will easily be expelled through that.