How Long Can A Ford Lightning Power A House?

Ford has made having a battery for your home a reality, something that for so long seemed nearly impossible and far-fetched. Not only is it a battery but also a hardworking vehicle capable of so much more than just driving you around, but Ford claims that “it’s an essential technology that you can count on when you need it the most” This shows that they believe this to be a feature that will be essential in the future of electric vehicles. This backup battery feature is one of the first of its kind in electric vehicles and seems to be very popular because of its wide variety of possibilities. 

So how long can a Ford Lightning power a house? The Ford Lightning is capable of powering a house for 3 days when using 30 kWh a day. The truck may be capable of powering a house for up to ten days if power is rationed correctly. These times are based on the usage of the extended-range battery for the Ford Lightning. It is also essential to have the 80-amp Ford Charge Station Pro in order to power a home.

As this technology is pretty new, lots of people from many walks of life have already come up with many ways this technology can benefit them. From prepping for doomsday to buying and selling electricity and storing it as prices rise and fall, this technology is truly exciting. The Ford Lightning is more than capable of outlasting a normal power outage and if rationed correctly could even keep you alive in some of the worst circumstances. From how this technology works to how it can be used to its fullest extent, that is exactly what we will be talking about.

How Long Can A Ford Lightning Power A House?

Although a battery doesn’t truly compare to a generator, the Ford Lightning’s impressive capacity for power will allow the average homeowner to almost never be without power. Ford has stated that when using the extended-range package you can power a home for about 3 days if you use about 30 kWh a day, meaning you can use most of your daily activities worth of electricity. Ford also claims that if you ration power, it can last you around 10 days, you may last more or less depending on your average consumption of energy. 

For the majority of power outages, the Ford Lightning is more than capable of supplying power, even at normal usage amounts, for the whole time while the electricity is out. Most bad storms and some natural disasters will knock the power out for about 2 to 5 days. The Ford Lightning should have more than enough power to handle most of these emergencies, especially if you ration the energy to only power what is needed. Being able to keep your life running as normal should be a breeze when using the Ford Lightning’s Intelligent Backup Power system.

How To Maximize The Battery Life Of Your F150 Lightning When Powering Your House

With an average of about 2 hours-when, we exclude major electrical outages caused by natural disasters-we can see that the Ford Lightning’s ability to power a home for 3 days is more than enough for a normal home. However, there is a chance that you could have lost power because of a natural disaster or because of other complications with the energy where you could be out of power for extended periods of time. Thankfully the Ford Lightning is more than capable of handling those disasters as well with a little bit of help and knowledge from you. 

If you really want to conserve energy for as long as possible, it may be smart to keep the Lightning unplugged from your home until you need the electricity. If you just need to plug in a small item like a phone or other portable electronic device you may need, then it would be wise to plug it directly into the truck as there are 10 120v outlets on the truck capable of handling those.

By utilizing these, you are minimizing electricity loss. If the Lightning is plugged in and powering your home, you will want to unplug as many things from the outlets that you can, even if electrical items are not on they will still pull small amounts of power and slowly use up the battery. 

Eat what you have in your freezers and fridges before you eat anything else, also try to move all items into a single fridge or freezer that can be powered. It will save a significant amount of energy if you only have to power one fridge or freezer when compared to two or three. 

Charging only one phone for emergencies and news is your best option as constantly charging multiple phones may deplete your battery and make you lose energy sooner than you want. There are lots more tricks you can do to decrease your energy usage and nearly any trick you know that decreases energy usage from the power company will likely work the same way for the Ford Lightning.

Here’s The Procedure Of How To Power Your House With The F150 Lightning

The Ford Lightning does have a simple procedure that must take place in order to use the Ford Lightning’s intelligent backup power system. This procedure can take place automatically unless you want to do it manually and does require the 80-amp Ford Charge Station Pro.

Doing it manually allows you to power your home only when you want it to be powered, while when it does it automatically the truck will kick on once it senses that the power has gone out and will turn off when the power is restored or you turn it off manually. When it is plugged in and the power goes out the procedure will be done automatically, meaning you don’t have to do a thing.

There are two main ways you could control this manually. Number one is as simple as unplugging the truck whenever you don’t want electricity to be funneled back into your home. The second way is through the FordPass app which will allow you to customize different aspects of the energy usage while it is powering the home.

For the power to go back into the home, the home must be disconnected from the grid, and then the power can flow through an inverter and back into the house. All of this will be handled automatically by the Ford Lightning and the 80-amp Ford Charge Station Pro but only when it is allowed by the owner either through the app or by plugging it in.

When activated the system will send the electricity back into the house at a peak of about 9.6 Kilowatts. The Ford Lightning is also capable of charging things just through its Pro Power Onboard system. This system includes 10 120v plugs and 1 240v plug for a total of 11 outlets located everywhere around the truck.

If you only want to power a few small mobile things this is probably a better option than plugging the truck into your home and powering the items that way as you will save a little bit of power by plugging them directly into the truck. The Pro Power Onboard system is still capable of outputting up to 9.6 kilowatts of power and is similar to the backup system but it just uses the outlets already located on the truck.

Are There Any Potential Problems When Using It To Power Your House?

Because Ford Lightning’s Intelligent backup system hasn’t come out yet, there haven’t been any problems reported by anyone. Ford also hasn’t made any large releases about the problems with the Intelligent Backup system and problems they have encountered. Ford has worked hard to make sure that the intelligent backup system works correctly and safely every time it is used. 

Most problems with the system would occur if there was an error during the installation of the charger or if there is a flaw in the computer systems. If these do occur, then they should come at no cost to you unless they were from operator error but that shouldn’t be very common as it is, generally, a simple system to operate.

There could be a few hindrances if you did use the car to power your home. One of which would be that your car wouldn’t have lots of power for after, and if you plan on using the car to drive, this could be a problem. A similar problem would be that you have to leave the vehicle plugged into your home to keep your home powered, meaning that you cannot drive it and must have another vehicle to use for driving. 

If this is the main vehicle that you use for driving it could cause some problems if where you live is prone to power outages. If you have multiple vehicles that you are able to drive, then none of these should be a big problem for you.

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