How Fast Is The Ford Lightning? Fast Enough

Electric vehicles are known to have a quicker pickup than almost all gas cars. Ford’s electric pickup tends to follow this trend line with a quicker than most 0 to 60 time. The weight of the Ford Lightning, as well as not a lot of focus on speed, did make the time a little slower than most electric vehicles but still much faster than the average gas vehicle. Ford tried to make this the new working man’s truck with so many different features to make life easier when it came to the outdoors as well as the job site.

How fast is the Ford Lightning? The Ford Lightning has 563 horsepower that is pushed out through two inboard motors into all four wheels. It is estimated that the Ford Lightning will be able to go from 0 mph to 60 mph in the mid 4 seconds range. This will be the fastest truck that Ford has made so far.

The truck is still being tested and currently, we can only estimate how fast it really is. Some test drivers, including the president, have commented on the speed of this pickup truck.

The focus on electric vehicles is bringing about a much faster wave of cars that people can drive. Usually, to achieve the kind of times these electric vehicles are achieving, gas-powered vehicles had to focus on weight reduction, turbos, superchargers, and even special fuels to increase the speed of the car. However, the Ford Lightning has an exceptional speed while still being able to tow and be a working, and playing, vehicle. This truck is more than capable of handling whatever speed needs a truck person may have.

How Fast Is The Ford Lightning In 0-60 And 0-100

In terms of speed, especially take-off, electric vehicles have almost always held an edge against gas-powered vehicles. The Ford Lightning does not disappoint this idea as it has an exceptional 0 to 60 time. The Ford Lighting is able to do 0 to 60 in the mid 4 seconds or around 4.5 seconds. This is not conclusive, however, as Ford has not released an official time. As mentioned above, the truck is said to be quite zippy when comments from the test drivers were able to be taken. 

In terms of 0 to 100, Ford has not come out with an official time. When comparing different vehicles with similar times to the Ford Lightnings estimated 0 to 60 times we can assume the Ford Lightnings time will be above 10 seconds and maybe more around the 11-second mark. This is still very fast and not very many gas-powered vehicles can achieve this time unless they are specifically engineered for that purpose.

Compared to some other electric vehicles, these times seem average and set a good medium for electric trucks. The Lightning was built for work and a side effect of its creation was speed. Most new electric vehicles however will actually beat the lightning when it comes to 0 to 60 times. As more technology is being developed and advanced we can expect the average speed of these vehicles to increase as well. These vehicles are already capable of neck-breaking speed but these boundaries are still being pushed and to say that the Ford Lightning is the fastest we will get out of electric trucks would be a lie.

How Fast Are The Other Fastest Production Pickups Of All Time

The Ford Lightning is exceptionally fast for a pickup truck. Even when looking at some of the fastest pickup trucks, the Ford Lightning is able to stand up for itself in terms of speed. Unfortunately, we haven’t had any track or drag races against other pickup trucks yet but with what information we do have, we can assume that it beats out most all production pickups that it can be put up against in terms of speed.

One of the fastest production pickup trucks of all time would be the 1991 GMC Syclone. This little truck has a turbocharged V6 and can run a 0 to 60 in 4.3 seconds. The Ram TRX is an exceptional truck when it comes to speed, no matter what truck brand you choose to support. With 702-hp, this truck runs 4.5 seconds on a 0 to 60. Another mentionable truck would be the Ford Raptor as it runs 0 to 60 in 5.5 seconds, which is about a whole second slower than the expected time for the Ford Lightning.

Some other vehicles to look at would be other electric trucks. There are not a lot of electric pickups on the market currently but the ones that are available are also extremely quick. Rivian’s R1T has a 0 to 60 time of about 3 seconds which is quite a bit faster than the Lightning’s time. Chevrolet’s all-electric Silverado will have about the same time as the Ford Lightning in the sprint, however with about 4.5 seconds. Tesla’s Cyber Truck however is said to hit an ambitious 2.9 second 0 to 60 time which is incredibly fast.

What Is The Ford Lightning’s Top Speed?

Electric vehicles are known for their fast pickup but their top speeds aren’t always talked about. Electric vehicles generally have around the same top speed as most normal cars but generally don’t compete with supercars in this area. Ford currently has not released the top speed of the Ford Lightning but by looking at other electric vehicles and related vehicles, we can make an educated estimate.

Ford’s Mustang Mach-e has a top speed of 124 mph and the 2015 Ford’s F150 has the same top speed of 124 mph. Some other electric pickups average a top speed of around 110 mph. With these in mind, we can estimate the Ford Lightning’s top speed to be between 110 mph and 124 mph. Now, this is quite a large range for the top speed but it at least gives us an idea of what it could be capable of. It also isn’t recommended that you try to reach this speed, especially on public roads, so it may be best to leave the discovery of the Ford Lightnings top speed to professionals.

Is There Any Way To Make It Faster?

Like almost all stock cars, yes there are ways you can make it faster. One of the easiest is simply reducing the weight of the Ford Lightning as it is quite heavy with a weigh-in of about 6,500 lbs. This is more difficult to do than a normal car because you can’t just strip the electronics as it could compromise the use and capability of the vehicle. Some easy weight areas to get rid of would be the seats and maybe even the bed of the truck, the bed could be difficult however as it also contains advanced electronics and sensors that are needed for some features. 

One of the easier large changes you could do would be to change out the battery. The Ford Lightning’s battery weighs around 1,800 lbs and by switching the battery, you could reduce this weight. This is probably your best choice as Ford put an extra layer of protection on this battery so the Lightning can offroad and be able to survive minor bumps and bruises. There would be side effects to changing the battery however like decreased range, charging times, and some other side effects to the Lighting’s power output features. 

Besides weight reduction and a few other changes, there is not a lot you can do to the vehicle as you can’t add superchargers or turbos like you could other cars. Unless you know a lot about electric engines and other electric features, it could be difficult for the average person to increase the speed of the vehicle. If you wish to achieve high speeds and high-speed takeoffs, it may be better to choose a different vehicle that is more capable to change so you can achieve these times you want.

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