Ford Charge Station Pro Specs: Everything You Need To Know

Ford has released the Ford Charge Station Pro, an 80-amp charging station that can be installed in your home. This charger comes with the extended-range package of the Ford F-150 Lightning or can be bought individually from Ford. Because of the need for more energy to charge the Ford Lightning, the Ford Charge Station Pro was developed.

Most 240v connections top out at around 40 to 50 amps, Ford however made the Charge Station Pro an 80-amp charger able to charge the Ford Lightning fully in one night. This charge has unique features like the ability to power your house and the ability to use Bluetooth/wifi connection to turn the charger on and off, which sets it apart from other electric vehicle chargers.

What are the specs when looking at the Ford Charge Station Pro? The Ford Charge Station Pro is an 80-amp wall-mounted charger that is used to charge Ford’s electric vehicles. It charges using a wired 240v AC circuit. The Ford Charge Station Pro is able to charge the Ford F-150 Lightning extended-range truck in 8 hours.

The Ford Charge Station Pro is a very promising development for electric vehicle charging at home. The high amount of power output combined with the features of the Ford Lighting allows it to be an incredibly fast home charger. Not only this but it has very unique features that can only be used when installed in your home. One of these features would be its ability to transfer energy from the truck back into your home, meaning it will be able to power your home if energy is unavailable. The Ford Charge Station Pro is very powerful and could be a stepping stone in the future of home chargers and electric cars.

Technical Specs Of The Ford Charge Station Pro

Ford developed the need for the Ford Charge Station Pro when they were developing the Ford F-150 Lightning. The Lightning has an exceptionally large battery and charging the vehicle takes longer than most other vehicles. This is because of the size and shape of the truck as well as its needed ability to tow and haul material. Even the 48-amp Ford Connected Charge Station takes between 10 to 13 hours to completely charge the vehicle, and Ford really wanted to create a charging station that could charge their larger battery in less than one night. 

The Ford Charge Station Pro is wired into a wall using a 240v AC circuit. To have the amount of power needed, a 100-amp circuit will need to be run from the breaker box or power meter to the wall box. This 80-amp charger needs this so it can have a little bit of breathing room when it comes to energy supply. The energy will then go into the truck through two onboard chargers which basically work like twin inverters that send energy to the battery. Through this process, it will be able to charge the extended-range version of the truck from 15% to 100% in 8 hours.

Cost To Install The Ford Charge Station Pro

There is no set price when it comes to installing the Ford Charge Station Pro as it can vary from state to state depending on how easy or hard the installation is. You can also get the Ford Charge Station Pro for free with the purchase of the extended-range package on the Ford Lightning or you can purchase it separately. Purchasing this will not be cheap, although no official price has been listed yet we can probably expect the cost to be around $1,000 if not more. This is for just the unit and labor costs will also be added on when the unit is installed.

Installation of most electric vehicle chargers costs around $1,200 for a level 2 charger. Ford has teamed up with Sunrun, an American solar and battery company, which is the preferred installer of the Ford Charge Station Pro. An official price for labor from either of these companies has not been issued and even when they do start to install the chargers it is unlikely that there will be a set price because every house and its needed requirements for the charger are different. This may change in the future when the Ford Lightning comes out, but currently, that is how most other companies approach the installation of a charging station in a home. 

Is Installing The Charge Station Pro A DIY Job?

Because of the installation of a charging station in your home, you may be wondering if you can install it yourself. I would only recommend this if you have quite a bit of experience with electricity and construction. There are a lot of different elements that come into play when installing Ford’s Charge Station Pro. You need to know the difference in wires such as their gauge, type, and if they are able to do what you need them to do. If you really desire to do it yourself, it would be wise to do a lot of research before attempting to install it.

Installing the Ford Charge Station Pro is slightly different than installing other electric vehicle chargers. The Ford Charge Station Pro has the ability to take the energy from the battery in the truck and put it back into the house to power it. This feature requires more work to be done to make sure that a switch is flipped to disconnect the house from and the energy is able to reroute itself into all of the outlets in the home. Other than that the process of installing the Ford Charge Station Pro is similar to installing other electric vehicle chargers in your home.

Because of the complexity and safety concerns, it is probably just best to hire an electrician to do it. Ford has teamed up with Sunrun to create a very easy installation process of the Ford Charge Station Pro and this will probably be the easiest and quickest way to get the charger installed in your home. It would not be impossible to do yourself, however, it would be quite a hassle and a multiple-day project to complete.

You may also need to get the correct permits from the city or state, make sure your home has the capability to support the extra energy load, and have the correct tools to be able to install the Ford Charge Station Pro yourself. In my opinion, there are a lot of risks and liabilities that come with installing the Ford Charge Station pro and it would just be easier, safer, and less stressful to have a professional electrician or company install the charging station. 

Is It Worth It To Install A Ford Charge Station Pro At Home?

Is it really worth installing a Ford Charge Station Pro in your home? This question is very dependent on your situation and can really depend on lots of different factors about your daily life and needs. There are a lot of different benefits that the Ford Charge Station Pro could add to your daily life, but that is only if you need those features and their benefits. It offers faster charging, a way to power your home when you get disconnected from the power, and controlling the charging with wifi or Bluetooth. If you don’t think you want or need any of these features then it may be better to just charge your vehicle a different way. 

If you asked me my personal opinion on the matter, then I would say that yes, it is worth installing a Ford Charging Station Pro if you have the extended-range Ford Lightning. The Ford Charge Station Pro allows for one of the fastest charging speeds from Ford that can be installed in your home, averaging around 9 hours to completely recharge the vehicles.

It also has an amazing feature that allows you to power your home for around 3 days if you were to just use your electricity normally. Although it does seem that you will have to pay for the installation of the charging station, it will actually be cheaper than constantly using faster chargers and is actually considered healthier for the battery of the vehicle.  

The extended-range version of the Ford F-150 Lightning has around a 70-mile increase in range than the standard version of the truck. One of the biggest reasons why I said it is smart to have the Ford Charge Station Pro installed (if you have the package) is that not only does it come free with the purchase of an extended-range package but it charges the truck around 2 hours faster than the standard version when it is plugged in.

This is because the extended-range version of the truck has two onboard chargers that allow the extended-range version to charge faster than the standard version while using this charger. This charger is also five hours faster than the next step down when looking at charging the Ford Lighting with extended range.

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