Does The F150 Lightning Come With A Charger?

Charging is one of the most important aspects of an electric vehicle and having the ability to do this almost anywhere is a necessity. Although there are public chargers that can be accessed it is important to have a charger at home you can use. Most electric car companies only provide a 110v charging adapter with the purchase of their vehicle.

Does The F150 Lightning come with a charger? Yes, all versions of the F150 Lightning come with the Ford Mobile Charger which allows you to plug into both 120v and 240v outlets. If you purchase a model with an extended-range battery you will also receive Ford’s 80-amp Ford Charge Station Pro for free. The mobile charger charges in 19 hours. The Ford Charge Station Pro can charge in 8 hours.

Not only does the Ford F150 Lightning come with a mobile charger, but some versions even come with the best charger that is currently on the market when it comes to Ford vehicles. They do this because the truck and charger work side by side to create some features that are currently unique to the Ford Lightning. Having a charger will not be a major concern when it comes to purchasing a Ford Lightning, even having a charger to install becomes less of a hassle if you purchase Ford’s extended-range battery on the Lightning. Ford knows charging is a worry to electric car users and tried to calm this worry through the inclusion of their chargers when purchasing their vehicle.

Does The F150 Lightning Come With A Charger?

Any Ford Lightning does come with a charger, but this charger is very rarely the charger that people solely use. With the purchase of any Ford Lightning, you will receive a mobile charger that is capable of charging it through a 120v outlet or a 240v outlet.

This charger will charge at about a rate of 3 miles per hour of charging for a 120v outlet and 13 miles per hour of charging for a 240v outlet. This charging rate is not capable of delivering the needed mileage for most electric vehicles in the time that is needed, especially when using a 120v outlet. With around 3 to 4 days of charging time for the 120v outlet and around 19 hours of charging time with the 240v outlet, it is easy to see why many people use this charge mainly in emergencies.

There is another charger that Ford is releasing with the new Ford F150 Lightning, called the Ford Charge Station Pro. If you purchase the extended-range battery with the Ford Lightning then you will receive this charger for free. This charger is special as it allows the Ford Lightning to funnel energy back into your home to power your electronics, an ability that nearly no other charger is capable of. This 80-amp charger can charge the extended-range battery in about 8 hours, making it the fastest way to charge a Ford Lightning at home.

Is There Anything Different About Ford’s Charging System?

Ford has done a lot of things that many other electric vehicle manufacturers have not, in order to get ahead of the competition and make an electric vehicle that nearly everyone wants. One thing Ford has focused a lot on is the charging of the Ford Lightning. The Ford Lightning has an exceptionally large battery when it comes to electric vehicles, which means it generally takes a longer time to charge. To combat this large charge, Ford has developed a solution in both the truck and the charger that is used.

The Ford Lightning uses dual onboard charging systems to increase the amount of energy that is capable of entering the truck. Along with this, they have also developed their 80-amp Ford Charge Station Pro, which has the ability to charge the extended-range battery from 15% to 100% in about 8 hours making it one of the fastest chargers on the market. This dual onboard charging system, along with the Ford Charge Station Pro, is unique to the Ford Lightning and allows it to beat some of the other electric vehicles out there when it comes to how fast it is capable of being charged. 

You can use other chargers on the Ford Lightning, however, these will not charge the vehicle as fast and you can expect times more around 13 hours when it comes to charging the vehicle from 15% to 100%. Ford has tried to include many special benefits to their chargers that enhance the ability of the Ford Lightning so that all of the unique built-in features are able to be utilized by the owner. Some features and abilities of the truck cannot be accessed if the truck is not using the correct charger and this can not only affect charging times but the truck’s usefulness as well.

Can You Use A Different Charger Or Do You Have To Use The One Provided By Ford?

There are other chargers on the market that already work with Ford’s electric vehicles that are not produced by Ford. However, Ford does currently have the largest and fastest charging charger, the 80-amp Ford Charge Station Pro. Some of the more popular level 2 chargers that people install are from companies like ChargePoint, WallBox, and JuiceBox. There are lots of other companies that sell chargers that will work for the Ford Lightning but these are just a few of the more popular options.

ChargePoint Home Flex Electric Vehicle (EV) ChargerJuiceBox 32 Smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging StationWallbox Pulsar Plus EV ChargerFord Charge Station Pro
50 amp32 amp48 amp80 amp

*Ford Charge Station Pro comes free with the purchase of an extended-range battery and will become available to purchase at a later date

Many different chargers have different abilities and your choices are in no way limited to these chargers. What charger works best for you and covers your needs, and may be completely separate from what someone else needs. You can purchase literally almost any charger on the market and with the use of an adapter can easily make it work. Ford does recommend using their chargers as they do have special features that connect and communicate with the truck as well as it being the most powerful level 2 charger available for the Ford Lightning currently. Only certain features, such as being able to power your home using your truck, are available for your use if you have Ford Charge Station Pro.

How Much Does The Charger Cost If It Gets Broken Or Stolen?

The chargers that we have looked at before are mountable chargers and generally, these don’t get stolen as often. Sadly, mobile chargers are quite a common item of theft as currently there isn’t a big identifier of the owner and the fact that the resale for quite a bit of money. It is important to be careful where you choose to plug your vehicle in, even if someone does not steal the charger it is still very common for people to just unplug the charger on the vehicle so that it won’t charge. There really isn’t an answer for why they do this but it happens and it is better to be safe than sorry.

There is a slight backorder problem through Ford right now when it comes to their mobile chargers. If you did want to purchase the same Ford Mobile Charger that comes with the vehicle the price currently stands at $570.88. You could try to find a used one for cheaper on different websites but generally, these are not common finds and when you do find one the price is not significantly decreased from buying a new charger. There are some cheaper options however and this does not have to be your only choice when it comes to portable chargers. 

A large number of companies sell the same type of chargers that you can buy on a variety of different websites. A simple search on Amazon will give you quite a few options to choose from. You can find similar chargers around the price range of $250 to $500 that all charge about the same speed. Generally, 120v connectors are cheaper than 240v but 240v connectors generally charge at a much higher rate. If you do have a real problem with your charger being stolen it may be wise to buy one of these cheaper chargers for use and maybe even look up some tips or tricks on how to keep your charger safe. 

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