Do Hybrid Cars Last As Long As Regular Cars?

Hybrids are sometimes looked at as some sort of supercar that drives just like a regular car and is much better for the environment. Many comparisons can be made between hybrid cars and regular internal combustion engine cars. There are also many debates among car lovers between the two. In this article, however, we are going to take a look at if hybrid cars can outlast regular cars on the road. 

Do hybrid cars last as long as regular cars? Yes, typically hybrid cars will last as long or even longer than regular cars. Keeping up with car maintenance and practicing safe driving can lead to a hybrid lasting even longer than the average car on the road. Most cars will die around 200,000 miles whereas some hybrids should be able to make it to 300,000 miles without any major problems. 

Hybrids are like regular car’s cybernetic cousins. Hybrids can get incredible gas mileage through a combination of a traditional internal combustion engine and electric technology. This may raise the question of how this will affect the lifetime of the vehicle. Hybrids are centered around the idea of working smarter and not harder and this mentality seems to give them the edge when looking at durability and the lifetime of the vehicle. 

Do Hybrid Cars Last As Long As Regular Cars?

Hybrid cars tend to last just as long as regular cars and often can outlast regular cars on the road. Hybrid cars on average can last several years longer than regular cars and will oftentimes get well over 200,000 miles which is the point at which many regular cars start to fail. The way an owner takes care of their car will have a big effect on how long the car is going to last, so a well-maintained regular car will easily outlast a poorly maintained hybrid vehicle. 

Even the warranties that manufacturers put on these two different types of cars give a hint at the confidence that they have hybrid cars that will outlast regular cars. Conventional vehicles usually have a warranty on them for 36,000 miles or 3 years. An average warranty on hybrid cars on the other hand is for 100,000 miles or 8 years. That is a crazy difference! Manufacturers wouldn’t put that kind of warranty on a car unless they have a lot of confidence that it will last that long.   

Why Hybrids Tend To Last Even Longer Than A Gasoline Car

I know we aren’t talking about electric cars but I do want to bring up that most electric cars have a warranty that is similar to that of a hybrid. Also, most electric cars are estimated to last between 15 and 20 years and easily reach 300,000 miles. I brought this up to show you that a big part of what allows hybrids to last longer is the electrical part of the car.

The electric motor in hybrids allows them to last longer. Electric motors and electric car designs tend to be simpler than that of mechanical cars. In electric car systems, there are fewer parts and more streamlined systems which helps minimize the number of things that break or become worn out. 

The way that the electric motor allows the hybrid to last longer is by taking the strain off of the engine. Instead of a single-engine busting its tail off to power and drive the whole car like in conventional cars, the engine in hybrids has the assistance of an electric motor. Thanks to the electric motor, hybrids can have smaller engines that allow for lower compression ratios and tend to last longer than larger engines do. 

The determining factor for when hybrids finally do have to be taken off of the road is usually the battery. Like electric cars, hybrid car batteries wear down over time and will eventually deteriorate to the point that they can no longer hold a charge and are no longer usable. Most batteries will easily last between 10 and 12 years but can begin to have noticeable deterioration around 8 years. This is the reason why hybrid car warranties are usually no longer than 8 years. 

Just because a hybrid car battery begins to deteriorate and can’t hold a charge as well as it once did doesn’t mean that the hybrid can’t be driven anymore. Though the efficiency of the car may begin to decrease because of the lack of charge in the battery, the car should be able to drive just fine. If you are okay with driving a hybrid that isn’t as fuel efficient then you may be fine holding onto your hybrid even after the battery begins to fail. If the battery of a hybrid can hold very little charge or no charge at all then it is probably best to let that hybrid go and start looking for a new car. 

Most of today’s hybrids are being fitted with the latest technology and designed in ways that are meant to maximize the efficiency of the vehicle. A better understanding of hybrids and electric car technology has allowed car designers and engineers to create hybrids that are more efficient and more durable than hybrids of the past. The car world has seen great improvements in the way that both mechanical and electrical parts of cars are built and hybrids have been able to combine both of these to create cars that can drive well and last a long time. 

Which Models Are The Longest-lasting Hybrids?

A few years ago there weren’t that many hybrids that you could choose from, but in today’s market there is a plethora of options. Japanese car manufacturers have taken the lead in creating hybrids with Toyota, Honda, and Hyundai offering the largest selection of hybrids. These three companies not only produce the largest selection of hybrid vehicles but also offer hybrids that tend to last the longest amount of time. 

The top 10 longest-lasting hybrids are:

10) 2021 Honda Accord Hybrid

  9) 2021 Toyota Camry Hybrid

  8) 2021 Hyundai Ioniq Hybrid

  7) 2022 Honda Insight 

  6) 2021 Lexus ES Hybrid

  5) 2021 Toyota Avalon Hybrid

  4) 2021 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

  3) 2021 Toyota Corolla Hybrid

  2) 2021 Honda Clarity Hybrid

  1) 2021 Hyundai Elantra Hybrid

Depending on who you ask, this list does have the possibility of changing but from what I have researched, this is a reliable list. These 10 cars seem to be some of the most reliable hybrids on the market and if estimates are correct they will be some of the most long-lasting hybrids on the market as well. Since most of these hybrids have been around for less than 5 years there is still time needed to confirm if the predictions of their longevity are true. The companies that make these cars tend to have very reliable vehicles and it seems that they continued this trend with their hybrids. 

Are Long-term Maintenance Costs Cheaper For A Hybrid?

When you look at the maintenance that a hybrid car requires, you will find that it is no different than the maintenance on a regular, gasoline-fueled car. The standard maintenance that has to be done on a hybrid includes things like oil changes, fluid level checks, tire rotation and replacement, and alignments. All of these things are also standard for regular cars. The electric side of hybrids needs almost no maintenance whatsoever. 

Though the maintenance of hybrids is usually around the same price as a regular internal combustion engine car, the repairs are a little different. If something does happen to break on your hybrid, which could happen, it often costs more to repair it than a similar repair would on a regular car. One of the reasons for this is that hybrid car has a bunch more components jam-packed in the same amount of space as a regular car. So labor costs are going to be higher due to longer hours of working around things. 

As you know, hybrids are combining two different technological systems into one car and because of this, hybrids tend to be very cramped. Often many other parts are blocking the part that needs to be repaired which requires repairs to take longer and creates more hassle for the repair man that is doing the job. Since hybrids are a little more advanced than regular cars you may have to pay a little extra for a technician that is familiar with hybrids as well. If you’d like to learn more about the maintenance cost of a hybrid car vs. a regular car, you can click here to view our article “Do Hybrid Cars Cost More Than Gas Cars?”

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