Detached Garage Security: Your Ultimate Guide

Having a detached garage can be a convenient way to store a large amount of your items while not worrying about it overcrowding your house. A lot of people like the idea of a detached garage because it makes their actual house seem bit cleaner and less cluttered. However, there’s a common worry among detached garage owners about the security and safety of their items that are held inside said garage, especially if it’s further away from the house. It could potentially be a perfect target for burglars.

You may be interested in investing in a home security system that will ensure the safety of your things inside your detached garage. While that is a smart choice, other people don’t really appreciate the monthly payments, contracts, and their security company constantly getting bought out by another company.

I have invested in several security systems that have worked great for me. I have also owned several classic cars, so I understand the importance of garage security especially when the garage is further away from the house. I’ve also been able to do a lot of research on the best devices out there that will provide you with some peace of mind while saving a lot of money.

Wyze Cams

It’s always a little disheartening when you’re laying in bed at night and you swear you heard something out in the garage. You don’t want to do, well, nothing, but a lot of us would be pretty gutsy by actually going out there to make sure it was just our mind playing tricks on us.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just tune into your phone and check the cameras you have set up in your detached garage and see what’s going on in there? Well luckily that’s an option, and it’s a very doable option.

Wyze Cams are an excellent option for detached garage security. I personally have these installed and absolutely love them. One of the best parts about them is they are quite cheap, are easily installed, and don’t require a contract. It’s just a one time payment of purchasing them and that’s pretty much it.

You will need an outlet in your detached garage for this to work. You can install your camera in any place you’d like within your garage, as long as it can reach a plug (the cord is really long though, so you shouldn’t have a problem). It has an app that you can download called the Wyze App which is basically your main control center (your box will come with a set of instructions on how to set it up). You can move your camera from side to side or up and down from your app. The app will also notify you if it senses any movement when you ask it to.

The camera, if you buy this combo package, will come with an SD card. The SD card can hold a certain amount of recording data, so if you wanted to go back a few days and see what the camera recorded, you could easily do so through your app. Another cool feature is that the camera has a two way speaker system. Essentially, you can talk through the camera to anyone who is close by and you can hear what anyone is saying back.

This is a perfect solution to tune in to what is happening inside your detached garage. If you suspect anything is going on outside that you don’t like, you can simply get on to your Wyze App and see exactly what’s going on. And like I said before, if you opt in to get alerts when the camera senses motion, you’ll have automatic updates of any movement inside.

Ring Alarm System

You may be familiar with the company named “Ring” because a lot of people have used their merchandise. If you’ve ever gone up to someone’s house and range the doorbell from a crazy modern looking ringer, it was probably a product from Ring. And there’s a reason why you see them everywhere; they’re reliable and their system is almost unbeatable.

The Ring Alarm System is another excellent choice for detached garage security. Their 5-piece package includes a base station which is basically the speaker with the loud alarm on it, a keypad where you can manually arm and disarm the system, a contact sensor which will alert you any time a door or window is opened, a motion detector which alerts you when movement is detected, and a range extender which will provide you a wide range of service and coverage.

The Ring Alarm System does come with the option of having professional monitoring for a small fee per month (or you can pay per year for a discount), but it is not required. The professional monitoring system is just an additional security feature where professionals will promptly call you and send the police if needed.

This security system also has an app you can download on your smart phone. You can arm or disarm your system straight from your phone, which is really nice if you have a detached garage and don’t want to go all the way out there to the actual key pad and do it. Another option you have is to put all the equipment out in the garage and have the key pad inside your home so you can manually arm/disarm your system from the comfort of your home. The extender will allow you to do that.

If you’re worried about the distance and coverage it will provide because you’re detached garage is pretty far away, the extender can be 250 feet away from the key pad and the sensors can be 250 feet away from the extender, so you you have 500 feet to work with.

Solar Motion Lights

There are several things that can deter a burglar from continuing with their intentions. The first deterrent is sound, mostly from alarms or from hearing someone coming. The other one is light because others can see them and may be able to identify who they are.

These solar motion lights can do the trick for you perfectly. These were designed to be outside, so you don’t need to worry about the elements of weather hurting them. They’re also wireless and don’t require any source of power outlet because they’re solar, so they will simply power themselves at night. They are easily attachable to almost any surface where you can screw in a few bolts.

These solar motion lights do an excellent job at detecting motion and the light they emit is pretty bright, bright enough to scare off any potential burglars. The light is also bright enough to alert anyone else close by, so if you happen to have a house window close and notice the light turn on at night, you’ll know it detected something moving.

Another great thing about these solar motion lights is that they’re not terribly expensive. So if an intruder is lurking around, is caught by the light, and tries to damage it to keep it from shining, you’ll know you can easily replace it. And even if an intruder did such a thing, it would be hard to go unnoticed.


Garage doors are a safety feature to keep all of our things safe that is within the garage, but if you don’t use them right then they don’t serve their purpose well.

Far too many times I have left my house thinking “did I close the garage?” or I may wonder the same thing right as I’m about to fall asleep. Luckily, there is a device called the Garadget that can help solve these problems. The Garadget is a device that can remotely open and close your garage door for you, better than a normal garage door opener can.

This device works by attaching it to your garage door opener mechanism. The device will come with a set of instructions on how to wire it into your opener, though you may need a little help from YouTube or an electrical savvy friend, though most are able to do it themselves. One the device, it has a laser that points straight at the inside of the garage door. You place a sensor sticker on the garage door right where the laser points so the device knows when the garage is opened or closed.

You can install their app and open and close your garage door from there. And it gets even better. If you’ve left home and wondered if you left the garage open, you can check your app and see if the garage door is open or closed. If you did leave it open, you can close the garage door from your app, even if it’s a long distance.

Another great feature the app has is that if you opt in for this, you will get alerts when the garage door opens and closes, if the garage opens at unusual times, and if you’ve left the garage open for too long. The Garadget can ensure that your garage door is closed when you want it to be and have a better peace of mind knowing all your things in your detached garage are safe.

Other Tips For Detached Garage Security

I have a lot of expensive and good quality items I have in my garage and I would definitely call it a bad day if anything happened to any of them because I didn’t have the right security. Aside from having gadgets and devices that can make your security so much better and smoother, there are other safety measures you can take to prevent anything getting stolen or damaged.

If you have a lot of expensive tools, it’s a good idea to keep them locked up in a cabinet or tool chest in your detached garage. That will make it a lot more difficult for burglars to get into before you notice some commotion going on outside. A lot of tool chests come with locks, so utilize those locks and make sure you always keep the key inside your house.

Right now I have and 1966 Ford Bronco sitting in my garage. I like showing it off to neighbors, but at the same time I don’t want to tell strangers that drive by that I have an expensive classic car sitting in my garage waiting to be stolen. If possible, always keep a cover over any expensive cars or equipment in your garage, even if you don’t think anyone would initially see it. You don’t want to let the world know what you have available in your garage.

Even if you feel like you live in a safe neighborhood, you never know who is lurking around waiting to find the perfect garage to rob. Don’t constantly keep your garage door open. My rule of thumb is I keep my garage open while I’m in it and always keep it closed any time I’m not. Again, you don’t want your detached garage doors constantly open displaying everything you have that any potential intruder would like to take for themselves.

If you use your detached garage to keep precious and expensive cars inside such as classic cars, always make sure to keep them locked even if you keep your garage doors closed. Locking your cars will give intruders yet another obstacle if they’re trying to steal your stuff. You’d only be making it easy for them in the end if you don’t lock your car doors. Locking your cars really isn’t that hard or time consuming, even if you have to manually lock each door yourself. If needed, try putting a note on the door you exit through reminding you to lock the doors.

A lot of us have detached garages for a big reason, and that’s to store stuff we normally don’t want in the house. However, you’d be surprised at how many people store very precious items in their garages that would actually be more appropriate to be stored in the house. Such items may include coin collections, paintings, cameras, computers, etc. Someone will eventually notice you keep items like that in there and try to take them. Keep precious items in the house.

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Are there any additional security features you can add to a classic car? Because classic cars use older systems and parts, most of them did not come with security features aside from locking mechanisms. There are plenty of security systems you can buy and install yourself that will do an excellent job at keeping your classic car safe.

When do most burglaries occur? One would assume that most burglaries happen at night. Surprisingly, most burglaries happen during the day with the majority of them happening between the times of 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM. This is because people aren’t usually home during these times because of work, errands, church, etc.

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