Can You Lift The F150 Lightning? You Better Believe It

Photo courtesy of CJ Rinehart

The Ford F150 Lightning already has people looking into aftermarket options before the truck is even out. Many people want to turn it into a “real truck” by raising it and adding larger wheels. And luckily this seems like a very possible capability. The Ford Lightning is one of the most highly anticipated electric vehicles of the future and has rapidly filled up its order cap and has an incredibly long waitlist to order the vehicle.

Can you lift the Ford F150 Lightning? Yes you can lift the Ford Lightning. Aftermarket companies provide plenty of options for Ford Lightning lift kits, and can be installed by either a dealership or a home DIYer. Lifting the vehicle will change how it drives and will decrease the range of the vehicle significantly.

There aren’t any Ford Lightnings that have been lifted yet as they are brand new. But there have been talks even at Ford when it comes to lifting the truck and it seems that very soon there will be quite a few options when it comes to lifting the truck.

This hasn’t been done to any electric vehicles so this process and the parts are new territories for a lot of people. Lifting the truck may completely change how the truck handles, as well as what the truck is capable of carrying and towing. Make sure you know what you are doing when it comes to doing a lift and how it will affect the truck in both the short term and long term.

People from all walks of life are incredibly excited about the capabilities and usefulness that this truck provides. Many people who have ordered the truck are already in talks about how they would like to customize their truck.

Can You Install A Lift Kit On The F150 Lightning?

To the joy of many, it is possible to lift the new Ford Lightning. You can also be the one to install the lift kit! Although it may be slightly more difficult to do than a standard lift kit it shouldn’t be something that is impossible for someone who has experience in that area. Ford is still looking into it as a lift kit can have quite a few consequences on the truck that will probably decrease its performance.

It is important to do research and preparation if you really want to lift the Ford Lightning, and as of currently exceptionally high lifts that may exceed over 5 inches are not really a possibility and many more special processes may be needed if you hope to achieve this height with the Ford Lightning.

The Ford Lightning does already have quite a bit of ground clearance so most all obstacles that a normal truck may encounter are a piece of cake for the Lightning. The Lightning has around 8.9 inches of ground clearance, allowing off-road capabilities and the ability to tackle lots of tough terrains. This is a little lower than the 2020 Ford F150 which has 9.4 inches of ground clearance.

The Ford Lightning is still more than capable of accomplishing any task the normal truck user can throw at it, if you really wanted a climbing machine it is probably best not to choose this truck however as trucks are generally not the most agile climbing machine and there are some other complications because of the electric powering of the vehicle.

The range may significantly decrease based on lift height and tire size, it was designed and engineered in that specific way because it allowed it to have the best range. You may also run into problems controlling and handling the truck. The Ford Lightning is exceptionally heavy and raising it by large amounts may make it prone to tipping over or feeling very top-heavy while driving. There are a few other things that may be affected if you choose to lift the Lightning so it is important that you figure out the consequences of what you are doing before you just do them.

How Much Will A Lift Kit Cost For The F150 Lightning?

It is possible to lift the Ford Lightning, however, prices may be higher than other lift kits for other trucks as the Ford Lightning may have some special parts that need to be changed. It would be wise to expect lift kits to cost anywhere between $500 to $1,500. This is about double the cost a normal lift kit for some trucks would be but this is because of the special parts that may need to be developed to make sure the motor on the tires is still capable of powering the wheels. There are no released prices on these lift kits yet so this is only an estimated guess based on the current price of some lift kits as well as some other factors.

It is also important to note that changing the tires to aftermarket tires is highly unrecommended. Most of the time when people increase the height of their truck they also want to change the wheels of the vehicle as well. This could pose a huge problem as the Ford Lightning tires are specifically engineered to hold the exceptionally heavy truck as well as a heavy load. Changing the wheels could cause them to break or give out when trying to use the truck.

This is important to note because this also means the lift will have to be capable of supporting all of the extra weight the Ford Lightning has, which is another reason it will probably be much more expensive than a normal lift.

Will The Lift Kit Be DIY Or Will It Have To Be Done At A Dealership?

Lift kits can be a little tricky if you haven’t ever done one before. If you have a decent amount of mechanical experience, then the project is more capable of being a DIY project. The process of installing a lift kit on the Ford Lightning shouldn’t vary too much from the average process of installing a lift kit, but there will be some unique features that require new knowledge.

Soon there will probably be YouTube videos as well as forms of media that can give you detailed instructions on how to do this yourself. If you believe yourself to be capable of this task then by all means do it, just make sure you do it safely and correctly.

If you don’t know some of the basics of car mechanics it may be best to hire a professional to do it for you. There are quite a few problems that you can run into when it comes to raising a truck, especially with new electric vehicles, so sometimes it may be better to let someone who can assure your safety do the work. The work for somebody else to install it will probably cost another $500 to $1,000 on top of the cost of the lift kit. Sometimes this is a better option and there is nothing wrong with having a professional install a lift kit, especially when it is something that is practically new when it comes to lifting vehicles.

Are There Other Components You Have To Replace If You Lift The F150 Lightning?

As most people would guess, since the Ford Lightning is an electrical vehicle there are some differences in parts. Even when compared to the gas Ford F150, which the Ford Lightning looks almost identical to and many components such as the bed of the trucks are the same, there are huge differences when it comes to the mechanical parts of the trucks. Because of this, it is safe to assume that there are some smaller components that may need to be replaced or changed if you plan on lifting the Ford Lightning. These pieces may either need a slight change like some extra spacers or maybe even a special connector to allow it to work normally on the Ford F150 Lightning.

The most important part that may need special components is how the rear motor powers the rear tires. In theory, if this problem can be easily solved, then the installation will probably be very similar to that of the installation of a gas-powered car, with a few other exceptions.

Since no lift kits are currently out for the Ford Lightning we can only assume what kind of components would need to be replaced to allow the vehicle to function like normal. Ford and other developers are looking into lift kits already to make sure that they are the same and will not hurt the functionality of the truck. So far, there hasn’t been anything officially released but as the trucks start to hit the roads we can expect this to become a bigger focal point for the trucks.

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