Can You Charge The Ford Lightning At Home?

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One of the most important features of electric cars is their capability to be charged at home. Generally, electric cars take much longer than internal combustion vehicles to fuel up and because of this, public charging is not very popular when it comes to electric vehicles. Luckily, electric vehicles can also be charged at home, making it convenient for electric vehicle owners as all they have to do is plug the vehicle in once they get home. Because of this, over 85% of electric vehicle charging occurs at home making it the most popular choice. 

Can You Charge The Ford Lightning At Home? Yes, the Ford F150 Lightning has the ability to be charged at home through a variety of easy-to-use chargers. From simply plugging the truck into a 120v outlet, to installing the Ford Charge Station Pro into your home. In fact, charging the Lightning at home is preferred over charging publicly due to cost.

The Ford Lightning is not a basic electric vehicle when it comes to the steps that you have to take to charge the vehicle at home when compared to other electric vehicles. Yes, Ford did change some things on the internal mechanics and workings of the Ford Lightning to make sure that the vehicle could charge in a faster time because of the large battery that the vehicle has. Ford has three at-home charging options, not including a variety of aftermarket chargers that are available. Each one of these chargers has a range of different abilities and is used for different reasons.

Can You Charge The Ford Lightning At Home?

Like nearly every electric vehicle on the market today, the Ford Lightning can indeed be charged at home. Ford also gives a variety of chargers that are capable of charging the Ford Lightning in a wide range of charging times. Charging the Ford Lightning at home is a very simple task as well. Simply make sure the charge is on or plugged in and then plug it into the vehicle, the truck should start charging and you won’t have to do anything else until you unplug it! For the most part, the Ford Lightning charging is very similar to many other electric vehicles on the market. 

Thanks to Ford there are a lot of little tricks that can be done if you have the right charger. One of the most unique is that the Ford Lightning can power your home if it is equipped with the Ford Charge Station Pro. Some other little things also include being able to set a charging limit for the vehicle, having 11 available outlets (10 are 120v while one is 240v), and being able to pay for public charging with the use of just the Ford app. 

What Other Products Do I Need To Be Able To Charge At Home?

To charge your Ford Lightning at home, really no other extra products are needed. When purchasing a Ford Lightning it comes with the Ford Mobile Charger, a 32 amp charger that has the capability of being plugged into a 120v or 240v outlet. This makes it possible to charge the Ford Lightning at nearly any outlet in your house. You can also use the Ford Charge Station Pro that comes with the purchase of the extended-range version of the truck or can be purchased for $1,310. Below is a table of the Ford chargers currently on the market and how they charge the extended range battery.

AmpsHours until 15% to 100%Price
Ford Mobile Charger12-amps100 hours$570.88*
Ford Connected Charge Station48-amps13 hours$799.00
Ford Charge Station Pro80-amps8 hours$1,310.00

*Free with purchase of any Ford Lightning

Some important notes. When plugging the mobile charger into a 240v outlet it can charge the vehicle in around 20 hours. Charging times do vary widely depending on whether you have the standard or extended range truck, generally, the extended range will have a faster charging time than the standard range at higher-powered chargers and a slower charging rate than the standard range at lower-powered chargers.

When charging electric vehicles it is not common to fully charge the battery as it can harm the battery if done repeatedly. As I mentioned before, The Ford Charge Station Pro is free with the extended range version of the truck and the mobile charger comes free with the purchase of the Ford Lightning, prices of listed if you were to buy the charger by itself

How To Speed Up Charging Times At Home

Sadly there aren’t really any tips or tricks that will increase your charging times by an exceptional amount. The easiest way to increase your charging speed would be to invest in a better charger. The fastest charger on the market right now for the Ford Lightning, other than dc fast charging which is not available for home installation, is the Ford Charge Station Pro. An important note about this is that it will charge the standard edition at the same time as the Ford Connected charge station. But when charging an extended range version of the vehicle it will beat the standard range’s charging time by about 2 hours.

See the table and paragraphs below “What Other Products Do I Need To Be Able To Charge At Home?” for a more in-depth comparison of the different chargers the Ford Lightning commonly uses. One tip that may also help charging times is decreasing energy use throughout your home. This really shouldn’t make a big difference but if there is a high energy demand throughout your area then decreasing your total use of energy may help you charge more consistently and to stay on. 

Should I Charge At Home Every Night?

The answer to this question is different for everyone. It is important to remember that you shouldn’t be constantly charging the vehicle to 100% or letting it go under 15% as this can decrease the life of the battery. This means that you most likely won’t have to charge it all night every night as this will cause your battery to deteriorate.

If you do use all of the range the truck has every day then yes, you may have to charge the vehicle every night. It is important to map out your days and make sure that you have enough charge and range to get from place to place so you don’t accidentally end up stranded somewhere because you didn’t charge your electric vehicle.

Most people will only need to charge it for a few hours when they get home to make sure it has enough power for the next day and some may not need to charge the vehicle at all. As I said, the answer to this question will vary from person to person but the easiest way to answer it would be if you drive a lot every day then yes, you may have to charge the vehicle every night. If you only drive it for a short time every day then you probably won’t need to if your battery level is good for the next day.

Selling Power Back To The Power Company During Peak Hours

A very interesting concept emerged with the release of the Ford Lightning and its ability to power a home. If you charge the vehicle during the cheapest times for electricity, usually around midnight, and then sell the energy back to them during the most expensive times, usually in the daytime, for a profit.

This idea in theory works, but you would have to have a special setup with the electricity company in your area if you wanted to do this, and don’t expect a large profit either, you will probably only make at most $10 a day during the best of days. Be sure to check with your local power company to see if they have an energy buyback program of some sort to make sure that this is something that you can do before you try it.

Another choice may be to charge the vehicle at night and then use the vehicle’s energy throughout the day to lessen your electricity bill. This is the easier choice of the two as all you really have to do is disconnect your home from the grid and the Ford Lightning is more than capable of powering your home and any electricity needs for that day. Both of these ideas do limit your use of the truck as a vehicle which may make it impractical for many people.

This feature is amazing and people are constantly coming up with ideas that could change the future of electric cars and their roles in our lives. This feature may be one that we see for many generations down the road because of its variety of uses.

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