Can You Charge A Ford Lightning At A Tesla Station?

As the electric car market continues to expand, the needs and use of electric car chargers continue to expand as well. One of the biggest owners of the expanding car charger market is Tesla with 2,564 charging stations worldwide. Tesla announced that they would be opening up their charging stations for other electric car use in 2021, a huge announcement that helped push the growth of electric cars as more charging stations were now accessible.

Can you charge a Ford Lightning at a Tesla station? It is possible to charge a Ford Lightning at a Tesla station, but you do need a special adapter. However, Tesla’s supercharger will not be able to charge a Ford Lightning. This is due to Tesla having a J1772 plug for all of their superchargers, but it is something the Ford Lightning does not have.

All-electric vehicles have access to Tesla’s charging stations but depending on what kind of plug they have, they will need different kinds of adapters. A video did go viral of the Mustang Mach-e (which has the same connector as the Ford Lightning) using a Tesla charger, but it was found that it wasn’t actually charging the vehicle and was dismissed as a fake. 

You will have access to lots of charging stations if you have FordPass but Tesla stations are not included in this. You can still charge the Ford Lightning at Tesla Stations but you have to be careful of what kind of charger they are as only Teslas can use the Tesla supercharger. This may change in the future but with the current models of the charger, charging your truck is impossible. Planning ahead is always a good thing when it comes to electric cars and charging, so make sure you have the correct adapters could come in handy. 

Can You Charge A Ford Lightning At A Tesla Station?

Charging a Ford Lightning at a Tesla station is a possibility. Sadly, you are not able to quick charge any car other than a Tesla using the Tesla supercharger. This still leaves you with all of Tesla’s other options as their supercharger is the only one that cannot be used even if you have an adapter. This probably will not change for a long time, if ever, as it would cost other car companies lots of money to just be able to use this supercharger and other companies have already developed quick chargers that work just as well as Teslas.

An adapter must be used in order for the Ford Lightning to plug into a Tesla charger. These adapters can be bought online or in some larger hardware stores such as Home Depot. The adapter could cost anywhere from $140 to $220, depending on what brand you buy it from and the power it is capable of handling. These adapters will work on the Tesla mobile charger, the destination charger, and the high-powered connector. 

Ford also has the Blue Oval Charge Network which will give you access to over 19,500 charging stations across North America. This network is the largest in North America and can be accessed through Ford Pass which is Ford’s app that can be used to locate as well as pay for charging. Not all of these are owned by Ford but it is a public network that Ford helped create to make charging easier for Ford electric vehicle owners.

How Much Does It Cost To Charge At A Tesla Station?

Currently, Tesla stations cost an average of $.28 per kWh. We could also say that if we paid per minute, it would cost about $.13 per minute of charging. This price does vary from state to state and the prices listed above are just averages. To fully recharge a Ford lighting, you can expect a payment of around $20 to $30, which is cheaper than most gas fill-ups

Filling up a Ford Lightning at home will cost around $19 depending on where you live. Using Tesla stations will generally make your fill up more expensive but only by a few dollars. Most public chargers will be more expensive than charging your electric vehicle at home. Some public chargers however could be free or at a lower price, so looking at your nearby options may be your best bet when it comes to looking for the lowest price of charging your vehicle.

With more electric cars being released, how to pay for charging has become a big deal. Some places have subscriptions just to have access to the chargers, as well as having to pay for the electricity you use. Other chargers can be free all around and some you just have to pay for the electricity you use.

It is important that you look at all of the charger options around you if you want to save some money. Sometimes charging at home will give you the best price as well as convenience, so make sure you plan your day as well if you are going to be doing lots of driving and will need to charge sometime.

Are Tesla Charging Stations Open 24/7?

When traveling, it is important to make sure you are able to charge your electric vehicle along the path that you are taking. Luckily, Tesla stations as well as most other charging stations are open 24/7, so you can charge whenever you need. Finding these stations are quite easy as there are maps you can find online as well as apps you can use to map out your trip. Ford even has a map on their website which will point you in the direction of your closest charging stations. 

Ford’s Blue Oval Charge Network gives you access to a large number of chargers all over the US. With the FordPass app, you locate these specified chargers and make sure you plan your driving and trips to make sure you have more than enough power while you are traveling. You can even activate and pay for charging through the app with just the touch of a button. Tesla stations are currently not included in the network of stations.

As more and more of these stations pop up, they are creating an atmosphere slightly different than what a normal gas station would be. Although some convenience stores are being installed near charging stations, they are trying to put charging stations in strategic places, so while you wait for your car to charge, you can grab a bite to eat or do a little shopping. Now, this is not always the case but as they become more common we may start seeing them in shopping centers and around restaurants.

Can You Charge A Ford Lightning At Any Electric Charging Station?

Different charging stations require different things in order to use them. Not only do different chargers have different connectors, but some even require subscriptions or memberships to use. In theory, however, if you had the correct adapter and correct membership, then the Ford Lightning would be able to use almost all electric charging stations. Some charging stations, like the Tesla superchargers, would be unable to charge the Ford Lightning.

There are different types of connectors that electric cars use and because of that, there are different charger connectors that are used. In the US, as well as Canada, many electric car manufacturers have started to use some of the same types of plugs to make it easier to charge them. The Ford Lightning uses a type 2 connector which is considered one of the more common connectors for North America. Adapters may cost anywhere from $40 to $200 depending on what it adapts from and the power it has.

You shouldn’t have a problem charging the Ford Lightning as there are lots of charging stations that can charge it. Even if you only have access to a normal 120v outlet, Ford’s mobile charger allows you to charge the truck just off of that, although at a very slow pace. Using different websites and apps will allow you to see exactly where you can charge the Ford Lightning, so no matter what you are doing and where you are going, you will have plenty of power for your trip.

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