Can Any Electric Vehicle Charge At A Tesla Charging Station?

Maybe you have seen more and more electric vehicle charging stations popping up around your town. With the increased numbers of electric cars that are coming onto the road year after year, it is definitely a needed part of city infrastructure. Conventional gas stations allow any internal combustion engine vehicle to be filled up with a universal pump that fits all cars. Electric cars however have a little bit more of a different story. 

Can any electric vehicle charge at a Tesla charging station? Electric vehicles not made by Tesla can charge at Tesla charging stations but a Tesla adapter is needed. Tesla supercharger stations however cannot be used by non-Tesla vehicles. However, Tesla has announced that they are working on developing a supercharger station that will work for non-Tesla vehicles. 

Different manufacturers of electric cars have different plug shapes that they put on their cars, a lot like different phones may have different shapes for their plugs. Also like phones, adapters can be used to allow your electric car to charge on a charging station that may only have one specific charging head. 

Can Any Electric Vehicle Charge At A Tesla Charging Station?

Tesla has a charging head that is unique to most other electric vehicles. Electric vehicles that are not made by Tesla still have the ability to use Tesla charging stations but you have to have an adapter for your charger. Tesla created the J1772 connector that will allow you to use Tesla chargers with your car. 

Tesla also offers Tesla superchargers for their vehicles that fast charge the car’s electric battery. These superchargers however are not available to car brands other than Tesla. Don’t be too worried though, because Elon Musk has tweeted that Tesla has the goal of and is working on creating a supercharger that will be able to charge electric vehicles other than Tesla. 

But if you don’t have an adapter, no worries because there are many other charging station companies across the nation, and these will continue to become more popular. Many bigger companies are even now beginning to install electric vehicle charging stations in their parking lots or parking garages to encourage employees to drive electric vehicles. You can always set up an at-home charging station for your car and fit it with a charging head that is perfect for your car. If you do use your at-home charging station your local electric rates will apply. 

Does It Cost More To Charge Other EVs At A Tesla Charging Station?

Tesla charging stations offer to charge to offer vehicles at the same price. At a Tesla charging station, you have a lot of options for how you want to charge your vehicle. You can charge your vehicle and choose to pay by time or by kWh. Prices between choosing the two will be similar, so it is your decision on what choice would help you in your situation.  

 When using a Tesla charging station, you can also select if to charge at a rate above 60 kW or below 60 kW. Charging your electric car above 60 kW will allow it to charge faster but it does cost more per minute charged than it does at below 60 kW. If you do go that route, you have to really think about how much time you want to spend there because at above 60 kW your car is going to take less time to charge than below 60 kW, so you are going to have to pay for less time.  

When comparing Tesla charging stations to other charging stations, there really isn’t too much of a difference in pricing. To really figure out how much charging your electric vehicle will cost, it is probably easiest to figure out your car’s kilowatt mileage. Basically, an electric vehicle’s kilowatt mileage is pretty close to mpg for conventional vehicles. An electric car’s kilowatt mileage is measured by how many kilowatts it takes to travel 100 miles. The average electric vehicle uses from 27 to 30 kW to travel 100 miles.

If you figure out exactly how many kilowatts your electric car uses to travel 100 miles, it will be much easier for you to know the cost of fully charging your car. If you go to, you should be able to figure out the range of your vehicle. If you cannot find it there, there should be something in your owner’s manual that could help you get a general idea of your vehicle’s range.  

A lot of electric charging station companies offer lower rates at their charging stations if you pay a monthly premium or if you purchase a certain amount of charge from their stations during a month. These premiums are low, usually less than ten dollars, and in some cases can offer a kW at a fourth of the price if you aren’t a member. These companies aren’t alone in offering deals though, Tesla is actually offering completely free charging when you purchase their new models. If you purchase a new Model S or Model X Tesla they come with free unlimited charging from any Tesla charging station. Not a bad deal. 

Are Tesla Charging Stations Faster?

While regular Tesla charging stations will charge your electric vehicle at relatively the same amount of time as opposing charging networks, (depending on how much time and wattage you set the charging to) Tesla also offers supercharging stations that do charge faster. A Tesla Supercharger station can charge a Tesla up to 80% in just 40 minutes, says and fully charge the car in as little as 90 minutes. also adds that these Tesla Supercharger stations can add 75 miles of range to a Tesla in just 5 minutes, which is super convenient if you aren’t too far from home. This is possible through Tesla’s new supercharger model, the V3, which has the capacity to add 15 miles of charge in just 5 minutes. Although there are a lot of other charging networks that are not far behind Tesla, Tesla seems to be ahead of the crowd and is the model to follow when it comes to chargers.  

Supercharging stations are exclusive to Tesla, but it is in the works to make them available to other types of electric vehicles. Also, Tesla isn’t the only charging network that has superchargers. There are other charging network companies that can match the rate of the Tesla supercharger but they aren’t as common. Another thing you have to think about when asking if Tesla stations are faster is the car’s capacity to receive a charge. 

There are chargers available that can charge your electric vehicle quickly and pack it with a lot of electricity, the only problem is that a lot of electric vehicles aren’t built to withstand insanely high amounts of amperage. If your electric car tries to charge faster than it is capable, it can cause damage to your battery and to your car. This is one aspect of electric cars that will most likely continue to improve as we move into the future. Electric cars will continue to be able to charge quickly and hold more charge. 

How Do I Find Tesla Charging Stations?

Tesla has over 10,000 charging stations in North America and over 20,000 worldwide according to As you can see, there are a lot of options, and these options will continue to pop up as Tesla continues to expand. Finding Tesla charging stations can be as simple as searching it up in Google maps or Apple maps. also offers lists of where their charging stations are located. Nowadays finding something is usually as easy as searching it up on the internet.

Tesla and other competitive charging companies like EVgo will continue to build more chargers at a competitive rate. The more widespread these charging stations are and the faster they become at charging, the more popular electric vehicles will become. Having electric charging stations at a greater frequency will allow people to use their electric vehicles to go on long road trips and travel greater distances, which is stopping a lot of people from purchasing electric vehicles at the moment. This increase in charging stations will just continue to push the popularity of electric cars in the future.  

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