Can A Ford Lightning Power An Entire House?

With Ford’s shift to electric vehicles, new and unique electric technologies are constantly being released. Different features and innovations are shifting the car market, completely changing the way that cars and trucks are going to play a role in all aspects of our life. With a change from gas to electric cars in the car market and a huge push for electric cars, we can expect to see lots of amazing new technologies in electric cars, as well as some not-so-amazing ones. Ford is coming out with features such as pro onboard power, blue cruise, software updates over the air, intelligent range, and intelligent backup power (just to name a few). The Ford Lightning sports a wide variety of game-changing technologies that may change how cars are viewed far into the future.

One of the most innovative technologies being developed is Ford’s intelligent backup power. Can a Ford Lightning power an entire house? It is possible for a Ford Lightning to power an entire house. With Ford’s intelligent backup power, you can power a house for up to 10 days if you ration power, or it could be 3 days if using power as normal (estimating that you use 30 kWh a day). You do need the 80-amp Ford Charge Station Pro in order to use this feature.

This will allow your car to be a battery for your home just by having it plugged in. The moment the car realizes the power is out, it starts to pump power back into the home. This allows the lights to stay on and your normal life to continue. But are there limitations? In this article, we will talk about the best way to power your home with the ford lightning.

Can A Ford Lightning Power A House?

As we now know, the Ford lightning does have the ability to power a home for multiple days at a time. This special feature can be done manually or automatically depending on what you prefer. Once the truck knows that the power has gone out, it can automatically turn the lights back on and keep them on, or this process can be done when you go and turn it on manually. Along with being connected to your house, you can also plug anything you need to be powered directly into one of the 11 outlets, 1 of which is a 240v outlet.

Ford states that if you use the battery sparingly, you could power your house for ten days or more depending on how you use your electricity. Ford also says that if you were to run your home normally for 3 days, the Ford Lightning’s battery should be able to cover it.

Another interesting idea that may be put into practice is charging the truck when electricity prices are at their lowest and using the energy from the truck when the energy prices are at their highest which could decrease your power bill. Although this was not the original purpose for the technology it is being talked about and could be done manually with the technology currently.

Because of this feature on the Ford Lightning, being able to always have power may be a reality. Not only will it be a battery for our house, but we also have a truck that is capable of towing and handling your everyday truck needs. The intelligent backup power is only one of the many features that the Ford Lightning has. It also has outlets all over the truck and even one 240V outlet in the bed of the truck that allows you to connect your electronics directly to the truck to keep them powered up.

How A Ford Lightning Can Power A House

The Ford Lightning is available in two battery types, standard, and extended range. The standard range carries a 98 kWh battery while the extended range carries a much larger 131 kWh battery. The Ford Lightning is said to be able to supply up to 9.6 kW power output which is more than enough energy to power a whole house. 

You must have the 80-amp Ford Charge Station Pro in order to activate the backup power feature. The power transfer from the grid to the Ford Lightning can be done automatically or manually, depending on your preference. The power gets pushed back into the charger and into an inverter which switches the power from DC to AC and then gets put into the house to be able to be accessed.

The Ford Lightning just needs to be connected to the charger to be able to do all of this and once it is activated, the energy can be used until the battery is empty. For you, it is as simple as connecting the truck to the charger, then the truck will keep everything up and running.

It is estimated that the Ford Lightning is capable of keeping a house running normally for up to 3 days if you use an estimated 30 kWh use per day or up to ten days when rationing energy when using the extended-range battery. How long the energy will last is very dependent on how much energy you use. This also depends on if your home is properly equipped and a home transfer switch disconnects your house from the grid. 

Are There Certain Appliances That Cannot Be Powered?

As stated before, the Ford Lightning is capable of outputting up to 9.6 kW of power. This much energy is more than capable of powering all of your appliances, it is even capable of powering more than one at a time. A fridge uses about 1 to 2 kWh of power a day, a microwave for two hours of use is between 300 to 2500 watts, and a T.V uses 80 to 400 watts. You would be able to power all of these appliances at the same time and may even still be able to power more. 

The Ford Lightning has 10 120v outlets, making it capable of running most household appliances. Because of the high energy output, it could even power multiple appliances if they were plugged into the truck at the same time. This feature is really meant for tools and job sites but during Texas’s blackout, some Hybrid F-150’s used this to keep fridges and freezers running as well as keep the internet on.

The Ford Lightning is also able to connect to your house, which means you should be able to use all of your electric-consuming items in the house without a problem. If you do have a large number of lights on, computers or phones charging, and other things like TVs and appliances going at the same time, you may run into a problem. The Ford Lightning is capable of powering all of these, but if you try to use them all at once then it may not be able to.   

How To Maximize the Battery Life On Your Ford Lightning When Powering Your House

If there is an emergency situation where your power will not be coming back anytime soon, then it is good to know how to increase the life of your battery to be able to have power for the duration of the blackout. Usually, power is back on relatively quickly, three days is a long time for power to be out, but it has happened before where places have gone without power for long periods of time because of storms or outages. 

There are multiple things you can do to maximize the life of your battery when you are powering your home, most of which are very simple. To make sure you are not losing energy it is important that you unplug everything from an outlet, even if the item is not turned on, it can draw small amounts of power and if you have a lot of things that are plugged in then you may lose some battery life. You also want to be careful about what you choose to use your energy on. Although you do have enough energy to have a tv and video game system or even a PC running, constantly using these things can drain your battery much faster. Simply plugging in your phone and using that as entertainment and a source of news will use less power and is more versatile.

Practically anything that you know of that can decrease your monthly power bill, can help to preserve the battery life on your Ford Lightning. Hopefully, there won’t be any events that knock out power for long amounts of time but it is always better to be prepared than it is to just hope. The Ford lightning allows you to be prepared for power outages or disasters that may knock out the power in your home, as well as being able to power nearly anything that you plug it into.

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