Are Tesla Superchargers Cheaper At Night?

Tesla is creating a network of Tesla Superchargers to provide quick charging options for the growing number of Teslas on the road. These Superchargers can charge Tesla vehicles quicker than any other option. Depending on your state and power company charging your vehicle can be cheaper at night than during the day, is that true with Tesla Superchargers as well?

So, are Tesla Superchargers cheaper at night? Tesla Superchargers are cheaper to use at night in some locations but not everywhere. Tesla offers a 50% discount for using Tesla Superchargers in California when charged before 10 am and after 7 pm. Currently, this discount isn’t offered in other states but once the popularity of Tesla grows, there is a possibility of discounts being provided elsewhere. 

For most locations, Tesla Superchargers are going to have the same rate no matter when you are charging. Tesla Superchargers also vary on how they charge you for a charge of your vehicle, in some locations, Tesla Superchargers cost you per minute of use and in others, they cost you a certain price for kWh. Much like gasoline, the price of the Superchargers can change from time to time. Unlike gasoline, however, prices for using a charger will be more stable and will mostly vary from state to state or city to city. 

Are Superchargers Cheaper At Night?

As stated above, Tesla Superchargers are only cheaper at night in California. For the moment there aren’t any other states where this discount is offered. While there are some companies that may offer discounts on charging at night, there are others like Tesla, that don’t. The surest way to get a discount on charging at night is to charge at home. Most public electric companies offer discounts for charging at home because these are considered “off-peak” hours. I’ll talk about that more in detail later in the article. 

When Tesla Superchargers first came out, a similar discount was in effect but now that Tesla’s popularity has picked up and there is a greater number of Tesla Supercharger stations around, this has been taken away. Tesla does offer deals from time to time with certain vehicles and will give you special deals when you use the Supercharger station. In some cases, Tesla has even offered completely free charging at the Supercharger stations for an amount of time or a number of miles when you buy certain vehicles. 

Why Are Superchargers Cheaper At Night?

California is one of Tesla’s hottest markets and with the Supercharger network still getting up and running, Tesla is providing this discount to control the volume of vehicles at their charging stations throughout the day. Tesla is still developing its network of Superchargers so there isn’t a surplus of Tesla Superchargers everywhere. When you do find a Supercharger station they could be in high demand, especially if they are in a place like California where Teslas are very popular.

 The discount is being offered in an effort of getting people to charge at hours when the Supercharging stations aren’t as busy so Tesla can maximize the number of people that use their stations throughout the day. Generally, fewer people charge their vehicles during the night at Tesla Supercharging stations because people will charge their Teslas when they are at work, shopping, or just running errands during the day. This is Tesla’s attempt to lessen heavy traffic at their charging stations and make things more efficient.  

The most likely places where we would see discounts like this develop are in cities or states where Tesla’s are most popular. Hawaii and Washington actually have the most electric vehicles out of any US state but rank behind California in the number of Teslas. Hawaii and Washington still have a high number of Teslas, however. Florida and New York are also states where Teslas are popular, so if we were to see a discount for charging at night, it would probably be in one of these four states. 

What Time Of Night Or Day Of The Week Is The Cost Of Electricity The Cheapest?

Many electric companies offer rebates on their electricity rates during what they call “off-peak hours”. These off-peak hours are usually during the middle of the night when not as many people are using electricity. In most places, these hours are considered to be between 10 pm to 7 am but will vary from state to state and company to company. During these times electricity is usually cheaper because not many people are using electricity and there isn’t as much strain on the electrical grid, so energy providers will give cheaper prices for the electricity. 

In some places, Saturday and Sunday are also considered off-peak hours and you can get cheaper electricity for the entire weekend than you would during the middle of the day during the week. For a lot of places, this discount isn’t automatic, so you may need to check with your energy provider to see if they offer this discount or if you need to somehow sign up to get cheaper electricity during off-peak hours. Make sure to do some research into what specific deals your local power company offers so you can make sure to take advantage of any of those prices.

It Safe To Use A Tesla Supercharger At Night?

Whether a Tesla Supercharger is safe to use at night or not is going to depend on the area you live in, just like using anything else during the night. Tesla doesn’t have any security features built into the charging stations, so to avoid theft or injury to yourself, just use common sense. Using chargings stations in public places that are well lit or places that have security cameras watching them can all be things to consider when trying to figure out if it is safe to use a charging station at night. 

All of these things are having to do with your own physical safety and your vehicle’s safety from theft, but what about your actual vehicle? Does it damage a Teslas battery when you use a Supercharger? Truthfully it can, but not to the point where you aren’t going to be able to drive it after using the Supercharger a couple of times.

 Using the Tesla Supercharger to charge your car, whether it be night or day, can decrease your battery life. All that means is that over time your battery’s ability to hold a charge is going to gradually decrease until eventually, you are going to have to get a new one, using a Supercharger excessively can quicken this process. This can be described as the same process of your phone battery losing health over time. It will just get used a lot quicker.

The Supercharger, even though it is made by Tesla, pumps electricity into your car’s battery at such a rate that it can be harmful to your battery if you do it too much. Once or twice a week should not be enough to detrimentally affect your vehicle’s battery; but if you are using the Supercharger at its maximum speed every day, then you will definitely notice a shortage in your batteries life compared to other Tesla batteries. 

Tesla is continuing to develop its Superchargers and its vehicles to be able to handle the massive flow of energy that the charger puts into the vehicles. As a general rule, the slower the flow of electricity into the vehicle is, the less harmful it is to the battery of the vehicle. The electric vehicle market as a whole is trying to solve the problem of how they can charge an electric vehicle’s battery faster without causing long-lasting damage to the battery. 

Currently, Tesla Superchargers are only able to charge Tesla vehicles. However, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, has tweeted that there are plans to expand the usability of Tesla Superchargers to other vehicles. Until this happens, you don’t have to worry about using Tesla Superchargers but this same principle applies to other fast superchargers. Be aware of what kind of charger you are plugging your car into and if the car is able to handle it. 

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