Are Electric Cars Easier To Steal?

Electric cars work entirely different from internal combustion cars. You may be wondering if these differences make electric cars easier to steal.

Are electric cars easier to steal? Electric cars are statistically the hardest vehicles to steal. Advanced technologies like internal tampering software, vehicle geographic tracking, and numerous other anti-theft features have made stealing an electric car extremely difficult. New software updates are added regularly to further advance the anti-theft capabilities of electric cars.

Automotive theft can be a huge problem. Nobody wants to have their car stolen. You have to file a police report and hope that the car is found. Even if the car is found, you have no idea what happened to the car while it was missing. If the car is stolen for a long enough period of time, your car can actually lose it’s clean title and be given a salvage title, even if nothing appears to have happened to it. That means your car instantly depreciated significantly.

No one wants to have to go through the mess of having a car stolen. That is why auto manufacturers put significant amounts of effort in anti-theft systems. These can set off alarms when the car is broken into, shut down the car if it detects certain behavior, or even notify you of certain situations. These technologies continue to evolve with time. Electric cars offer a lot of cutting-edge anti-theft technology that makes them very hard to steal.

Why Electric Cars Are Harder To Steal

So, why exactly are electric cars harder to steal? This is largely because electric cars are on the cutting edge of technology. All sorts of new features and new technology are being applied to them to make them harder than ever to steal.

First off, electric car ignitions are much more sophisticated and offer some advanced security features that conventional ignitions don’t. We’ve all seen movies, where someone starts a car with a screwdriver. Those days are long gone. Some cars now even require a pin in order to be able to start the car.

The door handles of electric cars also make it much harder to get into the car. Many electric cars now hide the door handles until the key is detected. That makes it much harder for thieves to even get inside of the car, let alone steal it. In addition, many electric car companies are doing away with lock buttons inside of the car. That way thieves can’t use tools to try to hit the unlock buttons and get entry into your car.

It is also extremely difficult to steal an electric car by towing it away. Depending on the make and model of your electric car, there are a whole myriad of different security features offered to prevent this. There are electric cars that turn on security monitoring cameras when motion is detected around the car or when the car itself is moving unexpectedly.

This allows you to see what exactly is happening and also potentially who did it. Some cars also will detect when the car tilts, like how it does when pulled onto a tow truck. This can notify you or it can cause sirens to go off on the car to draw attention. Some cars will even give you a call when motion is detected so you know right away.

Tips To Protect Your Electric Car From Theft

Are there additional things that you can do to prevent theft of your electric car? While electric cars are already much harder to steal, you can never do to much to protect your car from theft. Nobody wants to get their car stolen. So, what else can you do?

The most important thing that you can do to prevent your car from getting stolen is to be cautious of where you park. You want to be sure to park your car in a well-lit area. Thieves love dark places because it makes it much easier to get away with things. You are less likely to be seen in the act by people passing by and you are much less likely to be caught on camera as well. Parking in well lit areas is a very good way to prevent your car from getting stolen.

It also helps to park your car in very high traffic areas. If there are lots of people all around, it becomes almost impossible to steal any type of car. Any suspicious activity is likely to get noticed and there are a lot of potential witnesses to the crime. Thieves tend to go to places where they don’t expect people to be out and about.

Lastly, the area you park your car in can increase or decrease the likelihood that it gets stolen. Certain areas have much higher crime rates than others. If you are a local, it is much more likely that you will know where the riskier places are. If you are visiting somewhere new, you may not know what areas of town are the safest. It never hurts to ask locals about whether they think it’s fine to park somewhere or not.

Lastly, if you are parking your electric car at home, parking it in a garage will always be the safest place. Then a thief has to not only break into your car, but they also have to break into your garage. There is a much higher chance that you will hear something that way. The thief also doesn’t know if you have a home security system or not.

Being parked on the street in your neighborhood can make it fairly easy for a thief. Late at night, there will likely be almost no traffic and minimal lighting. This can make it very easy for a thief to get into your car and take stuff or to drive away with it. Parking in your garage, if you have one, is always a great way to help prevent car theft.

Which Electric Cars Are Stolen The Most And Why?

You may also be interested to see which electric cars are stolen the most. Let’s start by talking about which ones are the hardest to steal. That would definitively be the Tesla Model X and Tesla Model S. These two cars offer the most features that make it extremely difficult to steal. In fact, data shows that you are 90% less likely to get your car stolen in a Tesla.

So, which cars are the most likely to get stolen? Remember that, for the most part, it was the anti-theft features that make electric cars difficult to steal. The easiest electric car to steal is the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. For some reason thieves have taken a liking to the Outlander. But it is still stolen a lot less than most conventional vehicles.

Also, some cars can be difficult to tell at a glance whether they are electric or their internal combustion counterpart. One good example of this would be the Kia Soul. There is both an internal combustion version and an electric version. A thief might unknowingly, try to steal the electric version and not realize it until they’ve already committed.

Are Electric Cars Easier To Recover After Theft?

Electric cars are usually much easier to recover than conventional cars. This is largely due to the high-tech features that are offered on these cars. These can help you quickly and easily locate the cars or prevent the thieves from getting too far. Let’s dive into what these could be.

First off, a lot of electric cars give you the capability of seeing your car’s location. This is often used for things like seeing where you parked your car. But in the case of your car being stolen, you can use it to lead the police right to where your car is.

A lot of electric cars also offer the ability to turn the car off remotely. That means that in the case that you notice your car is stolen, you can not only track the cars exact location but you can shut if off so they can’t get any further. This helps make it so no thief can get too far with it.

Lastly, one advantage to electric cars is that they take longer to charge than it takes to fill up a conventional car with gas. If you know your car was lower on charge, then you know that they will have to either stop at a charging station or bring it to a personal residence to charge it up. Regardless of where they go, they’ll probably be there for a bit. If you don’t know where your car went after being stolen, having the police keep an eye on nearby charging stations may be a good way to find it.

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