About Gear And Cylinder

Gear and Cylinder is an online platform created to help those who are interested in specifics about cars. From off-roading to electric cars to classic cars to general car maintenance and questions, Gear and Cylinder can confidently say we can answer a lot of questions you have (or didn’t even know you had!).

The content on Gear and Cylinder is written by competent, educated individuals who are working as full time engineers. Our goal is to provide you with the most up to date and accurate information so you can feel comfortable that your questions are answered thoroughly.

Our Story

Gear and Cylinder was created in March of 2019 in hopes to help other car enthusiasts (or just car drivers in general) learn more about the car world and how they can better know the machine they’re driving.

The main author and creator of Gear and Cylinder, Kyle Cannon, is a huge car enthusiast and has gone to great lengths to understand cars and know exactly how they work. He has a mechanical engineering degree with a minor in automotive engineering and is constantly working on cars as a hobby.

Kyle and his wife, Amanda, collaborate daily to see what information needs to be added to this platform to provide the best user experience. We understand that readers want the content they read to be personal and reliable, so we promise you that we’re giving you the best information.

One of our projects that inspired Gear and Cylinder

Our hope is that each visitor will leave a little more knowledgeable and a little more comfortable with their vehicle and spread the love with their fellow drivers!