80 Amp Ford Charge Station Pro Cost

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As the electric vehicle market continues to expand so does the need and the want for more powerful chargers. Charging time is one of the biggest problems that currently surround electric vehicles to this day. As batteries get larger, in order to create a larger range for the vehicle, the charging time increases significantly. This is the exact problem that Ford faced when creating the extended-range battery for the Ford Lightning. To counter this problem their solutions was the Ford Charge Station Pro.

How much does the 80 amp Ford Charge Station Pro cost? The Ford Charge Station Pro can be purchased for $1,310.00 when purchased directly from Ford. If you purchase an extended-range battery on your Ford Lightning then you will receive the charger for free when you receive the vehicle. This price does not include installation by an electrician which may cost around $1,500. 

With the release of the Ford F150 Lightning, Ford has also released the Ford Charge Station Pro. This charger was made to fully charge the exceptionally large extended-range battery of the lightning in about a nights sleep. Ford spent a lot of time and effort to tackle this problem as charging time has plagued electric vehicles for as long as they have been around.

Fortunately Ford has combined a large enough range as well as a quick enough charger at a more affordable price than most other electric vehicles, allowing it to truly start competing with internal combustion vehicles. This is an ongoing battle and the Ford Charge Station Pro does no solve all of the problems but it is a step forward.

Cost Of Ford Charge Station Pro

Ford has released the Ford Charge Station and it is now available for order. To order the Ford Charge Station Pro by itself it will cost you $1310.00 including shipping and handling. Installation of the Ford Charge Station Pro by an electrician will cost more than $1,500, but the price will vary depending on where you live and who installs it.

Ford has partnered with the company Sunrun to provide easy installation of the Ford Charge Station Pro. There no set price for installation as a variety of factors could either increase or decrease the price of installing the charger. 

If you are receiving a charger for free because you purchased the extended-range version of the truck then Ford will make it easy when it comes to installation.

Because of the aforementioned partnership with Sunrun, Ford will instantly set you up with a representative to install the charging station. It is up to you on whether or not you want them to install the charger but because of some unique steps that need to be taken because of the Ford Lightning’s backup power system, Sunrun will probably be the most experienced when it comes to installing the charger. Hopefully they will also give you the best price when it comes to installing the charger but it is never harmful to ask around.

Currently these chargers are out of stock. Because Ford is giving every extended-range version of the vehicle one of these chargers for free that leaves no excess for individual sales of the product. Nearly all companies have been having supply chain issues and the production of the charger and the truck have both been hit by this issue. Currently there is not expectation of when these chargers will be back in stock. Fortunately this is not an absolute need when it comes to charging a Ford Lightning and most people who can use the charger to its full extent are receiving it for free.

Where To Buy A Replacement Charge Station Pro

In reality you shouldn’t ever really need a replacement Charge Station Pro once you have it installed. In some circumstances it is possible to need a replacement and the fastest way to purchase a replacement would be through Ford’s website. A replacement will cost $1,310 and installation may be a lower cost than normal if you previously had a Ford Charge Station Pro installed in your home.

In the future you may be able to purchase these from select dealerships, but currently they seem to only be available online. You are able to ship it to the closest dealership and pick it up there. Because of the demand for these chargers they are currently out of stock and probably won’t be available for a while. Other chargers can be purchased online or in specific autoshops if you are in dire need of a replacement quickly. 

A more common scenario would be having to purchase replacement parts for the charger, rather than replacing the whole charger. If a wire is cut or a connector breaks this may cause the charger to not work or be unsafe when it is working. Generally if you contact a licensed electrician and Ford directly you should be able to repair the damaged parts for a price, as finding the individual pieces online or in a store may be near to impossible. If not, replacing the whole charging station is possible. 

Is There Anything Complicated About Installing The Charge Station

If you were asking this question to see if you could install the charger by yourself, then yes there are some complicated parts when it comes to installing Ford’s Charge Station Pro. For professionals there are still some difficult parts that may arise but there shouldn’t be anything that they are not capable of handling.

Not only will you have to have knowledge in wiring and electricity but also drywall, trenching, and maybe even electronics to properly set up and install the Ford Charge Station Pro. It is not impossible for someone to install the charging station by themselves but it is not recommended as a variety of safety and health problems may occur from doing so since you’ll be dealing with 220 volt power.

One of the most important parts before installing the Ford Charge Station Pro is to make sure that the house is capable of handling that extra electricity load. Some older house may not be able to handle it because of the large amount of energy that the charging station uses. Then special wiring and breakers have to be put in for the station so it can reroute power back into the house if you want to use its backup power system.

Wiring will then have to travel to where the charger will be installed and it is important to make sure wherever you install the charger is capable of supporting the weight of the charger and its cords so you don’t end up damaging anything. This is a really simplified version of what you may encounter while installing the Ford Charge Station pro, numerous other problems and difficulties may arise depending on your situation.

Benefits Of The 80 Amp Charge Station

There are some amazing features that you have access to when you use the Ford Charge Station Pro. One of which is the home powering capabilities of the charger. This means that if your home is disconnected from power for some reason, the Ford Lightning can redirect its power back into your home through the charger to supply energy to any electronics in your home.

This system and feature have a lot of unique ideas attached to it as it could let you charger your vehicle during the times when electricity prices are the lower and then power your home off of the truck during the times where the electricity prices are the highest.

One of the most popular benefits is that it is capable of quickly charging the extended range battery on the Ford Lightning. An important thing to note is that the Charge Station Pro will not charge the standard version of the Lightning any faster than the Connect Charge Station. However if you charge the extended-range battery it will decrease the charging time by 2 hours. This is a big difference when it comes to charging times and is one of the most powerful chargers that can be installed in a home. 

The Charger also allows a variety of features to be accessed through Ford’s app, FordPass. The app gives you control over the charger, allowing you to set times for when to charger and how much it chargers. FordPass also gives you the ability to use any charger that is a part of FordPasses network and simply plug and charge your vehicle without pulling out a credit card or cash as it will use the information already in the app to pay. More importantly it gives you access to your charger and truck’s information instantly and allows you to use some wireless controls to make sure you are ready for whatever the day may bring.

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