2021 Rivian R1S Dimensions And Weight

Photo Courtesy of Rivian

Maybe you are looking at buying a new Rivian R1S but since they have not yet been released to the public you probably have never seen one in person so how big are these vehicles? Will you be getting something the size of a Chevy Suburban or something smaller like a Ford Escape?

What are the dimensions and weight of a 2021 Rivian R1S? The maximum height of the Rivian R1S is 77.3 in (6.44 feet), that is including the antenna.  The length of the R1S is 200.8 in (16.73 feet). From wheelbase to wheelbase, the distance is 121.1 in (10.09 feet). The width of the Rivian R1S with the side mirrors folded in is 81.8 in (6.82 feet). The curb weight of the R1S is 5842 lbs. 

Now, I know that seems like a whole bunch of numbers and might not mean a whole lot to you right now. In this article, I will compare the Rivian R1S and talk more about the specifications of this new electric car on the market. It is important to know a little bit about the specs of a car before you get it, you never want to buy a car just to figure out it is too tall to fit into the parking garage at work. 

Specifications Of The R1S

I already included most of the standard specs above, but in case you missed it here they are again The height of the Rivian R1S is 77.3 in (6.44 feet), that is including the antenna. The length of the R1S is 200.8 in (16.73 feet). From wheelbase to wheelbase, the distance between the points on the wheels that are touching the ground, lengthwise the distance is 121.1 in (10.09 feet). The width of the Rivian R1S with the side mirrors folded in is 81.8 in (6.82 feet). The curb weight of the R1S is 5842 lb. 

Just for comparison, a 2022 Chevy suburban is 225.7 inches long and is about 84 inches wide with the mirrors folded in. A 2021 Ford Escape is about 180 inches long with a width of about 78 inches with the mirrors folded in. Now that you have the dimensions of those two cars, we can see that the Rivian R1S fits about right in the middle of the two. The R1S isn’t as big as a Chevy Suburban and isn’t quite as small as the compact Ford Escape. 

A common companion of electric cars is the insane amount of torque. A large amount of torque means a big towing capacity. The R1S can reportedly tow up to 7,700 pounds but Rivian does warn that if you do tow at max capacity, you can expect a reduced range of 50%. Most SUVs can only tow about 3,500 pounds so that is incredible for a car the size of the R1S. The 2019 Ford F-150 could tow a reported 7,600 pounds. The R1S could supposedly tow more than a 2019 F-150, that is insane!

The R1S can go 0 to 60 in an incredible 3 seconds, which means it is as quick as some sports cars. Some other specifications of the R1S are that it can wade in water up to 3 ft deep, which is incredible seeing that most cars can barely submerge into a foot of water. This is only possible due to the fact that the R1S is electric. The R1S comes stocked with 21-inch road tires but customers can choose to have 20-inch all-terrain tires or 22-inch sports tires put on their R1S with an additional charge. 

Storage space is not lacking in the R1S as Rivian reports that the R1S has 105 cubic feet of storage space. The front hood storage space is 11.1 cubic feet and then you have your traditional rear storage space, which is 5.1 cubic feet. Most SUV-type vehicles only have 30-50 cubic feet of storage space, so the R1S has well over the average amount. In fact, it more than doubles it. 

Will It Fit In Most Garages?

Seeing that I have easily parked a suburban in multiple times in my own garage, there should be no problem fitting it into most garages. A standard minimum height for garages in the United States is 7ft or 84 inches, so there should be no issues with fitting an R1S, which has a maximum height of 77 inches, into your garage. If you live somewhere with a parking garage, it would be smart to check the clearance of the car before parking. Because places like LA or New York that have very tight and not very tall ceilings in the parking garage. 

Is It Longer Or Shorter Than The Rivian Truck?

The R1T is Rivian’s electric truck that it will be releasing along with the R1S. The R1S, as I said earlier, has a length of about 200in, while the R1T has a length of 217.1in. That makes the R1T almost a foot and a half longer than the R1S. The added length makes sense when considering the popular want to have more room in the R1T’s truck bed. So if you are short on space in your garage, it is probably better to go with the R1S rather than the R1T. 

Is It Shorter Than Most SUV’s?

According to jdpowers.com, the height of the average SUV is 72.2 inches. The R1S has a height of 77.4 inches, so the Rivian R1S is taller than your average SUV. A really cool feature the R1S has is when the R1S is parked, it has an adjustable height. Rivian added this feature for the purpose of making things easier to unload. 

The R1S can lower to a point of 8.1 inches off of the ground. Normally, the Rivian has a ground clearance of 14.9 inches. Meaning that the R1S is able to lower a total of 7 inches. When completely lowered, the car will sit at a height of just about 70 inches. As far as Rivian reports, the adjustable height will only be available when the car is parked, but Rivian could be adding different clearance heights for the car while driving.

Is It Comfortable For A Family Of 4?

The Rivian R1S is a car perfect for a family of 4. Family is very important to the Founder and CEO RJ Scaringe, and even to Rivian as a whole. This is evident on Rivian’s website where all of the Rivian executives are pictured with their family and loved ones. The R1S has many features that will benefit and adapt to the family. 

For one, the R1S features a huge amount of cargo space, including cargo space under the hood and a rear cargo space. The R1S even has storage compartments under the seat. All of this cargo space is a great convenience for road tripping with the family. Whether you are going camping or going to visit family across the country, the plentiful amount of cargo space allows you to carry everyone’s bags and everything you need, without having to lay suitcases on top of people because you are need to use every single bit of available space. 

Other features that Rivian has made available in the R1S include a large infotainment center and other customizable features like the number of seats. Entertainment features include Bluetooth, satellite radio, and even built-in Wifi. With these features, children will easily be able to entertain themselves. Standard in the R1S is the option to have five seats or seven seats. With this option, Rivian can easily create your R1S to better fit any family’s needs. If you have a family of 4 then maybe you only need the 5 seats and would use the extra cargo space, if you have a larger family then you can choose to have the 7 seats. The choices are there completely for your benefit.

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